Date: May 23, 2018
Author: Golf Tasmania

Golf Tasmania Newsletter – May 2018

Hello to the Tasmanian golfing community.  I have delayed the writing of this newsletter to be able to share my experiences of the 2018 Interstate Series.  Adelaide certainly turned on some terrible weather, a precursor to the weather that Hobart experienced on Thursday 10 May.  50 knot winds, rain squalls, very tough conditions, but the golf was fantastic.

Our men’s side was 5/2 up on Victoria only to lose 4/3 over the final holes, and to this end in my report to Peter Bond, our High Performance Director, I have asked if some of the extra funding we now receive through OneGolf can be used to bring in sports psychologists to work with our teams.  This aspect of coaching is just as important as swing, putting etc. Knowing how to finish off opposition when you’re in the lead is a vital skill to learn.

I would like to congratulate Nick White, Gary Purdon and the members of our state men’s team, Zibeth Daubenton, Simon Weston and our young ladies who made up our women’s state team, (average age now about 18!!) Thanks also to all the parents and grandparents and supporters who attended.

Ian Clarke has resigned from the Golf Tasmania Board.  Ian has been a wonderful asset at Board level, having stepped in when Don Cameron left.  His experience on all topics, but particularly Tournament, Rules and Ratings all over the state has been invaluable.  We are delighted at his intention to remain an active volunteer at tournament level.  The Board has approached Chris Bell, a previous Director with Tournament, Rules and Ratings experience to fill the casual vacancy.  It was felt that to have continuity with an experienced Director and chair of Tournament, Rules and Ratings was vital as the new rules seminars will be held in July and their dissemination throughout our golfing community is important.  Chris believes that with the support of Tournament, Rules and Ratings he can assist this process.  The Board has asked Tournament, Rules and Ratings to allow Ian to be an observer on the committee due to his ongoing volunteering.

Since being approached by Golf Australia to consider OneGolf in early 2015 following the resignation of Golf Tasmania CEO, Craig French, there have been many meetings with Golf Australia, with member clubs at regional forums and AGM’s and the concept has been raised by the Board of Golf Tasmania at every available opportunity.  Similarly in my previous newsletters to members, from time to time I have raised the positive aspects that the Board saw as regards freeing up our finances to increase participation, which is what all our member clubs have been asking us to do, and what OneGolf enables us to do.

At every step of the process the Board dotted the I’s and crossed the t’s to make sure we were getting the best deal for Tasmania that we could, both financially and to maintain control of our unique situation.  We believe we have achieved that and as a Board made the decision to “sign up”.  Even without the official signature we have been operating under this model for nearly 3 years.

No-one could doubt it is a win win for Tasmanian golf when you look at the efforts of Simon Weston within schools and clubs, the partnerships entered into with the PGA members and the level of information now made available to us re. national programs, which would not have occurred under our old model.  The assets of Golf House and our bank accounts remain the property of Golf Tasmania.

Simon Weston is working with the Huon Valley region to increase junior participation following a request from the Huon Valley Golf Club.  For an in depth look at Simon’s recent work, click here.

Following recent meetings the Board has made the following decisions; To pursue further sponsorship of our state teams, to donate $10 000 to assist the purchase of a Power Golfer to be based at Tasmania Golf Club but available state-wide, to make office space available to a merged Southern Golf Association, to produce papers on Board succession planning and future volunteering, to fund regional junior golf leagues leading to a state junior golf competition, running rules seminars around the state during July, accepted Rosny as a new member of Golf Tasmania, upgrading Golf House security and endorsing  Short Course golf.

Our Northwest Coast Forum will be held at the Lighthouse Hotel in Ulverstone at 7pm on Monday 25th June.  Letters have been sent to clubs requesting RSVP’s should anyone wish to attend.  There will be an informal discussion of the new rules amongst other topics.

A regional forum is to be held in Launceston on 27 August at 7pm. The Southern forum will be held at 7pm on 17th September.  Golf Tasmania will be writing to member clubs informing them of the forums and venues and requesting RSVP’s.

Happy golfing.


Tony Bush