Date: May 22, 2018
Author: Brian Hill

Golf Victoria Supplement to GA Rules Newsletter – Autumn 2018

State Level 2 Referees and Pennant

As the 2018 GV pennant season draws to a close I would like to sincerely thank the dozens of Level 2 and some Level 1 referees who through the generous donation of their time have made this season run so smoothly. The competition as a whole is a massive logistical exercise with the planning and execution soaking up many man-hours. We are indeed very fortunate in Victoria to have such dedicated volunteers, club support people and of course the members who give up their courses as needed.

Current Level 2 Referees – Workshops

As you will have read, it is anticipated that resource materials from the R&A will become available later this year. However we will be conducting at least three workshops during our quieter months in a bid to discuss and understand the new rules.

Given that Victoria will be hosting the four major tournaments listed below in the first six weeks of the year we feel that it is imperative to take this step.

Jan 2    Victorian Junior Masters        72 Holes Stroke

Jan 8    Master of the Amateurs          72 Holes Stroke

Jan 15  Australian Amateur                36 Holes Stroke then Match Play

Feb      Vic Open                                 72 Holes Stroke

Dates, venues and registration for these workshops will be available shortly on Team App. In the meantime you will be able to view the draft rules on the R&A website but we would advise you not to print these off at this point in time. Certainly the videos should give you a better understanding of what is going to change.

Level 1 Rules

During the next few months we will be planning how and when we deliver the new rules to golfers throughout Victoria. This will probably mean that the traditional method of visiting individual clubs to present a rules night will not be done this year, instead a district visit to raise awareness of the changes with Club Committees will be more likely. After the visit these Committee members can decide how they wish to alert their club members to the changes. The same concept can be rolled out in the metropolitan area. Once we know the delivery dates for the new rule books we will be able to confirm dates and venues.

If you have any questions please contact me and I look forward to catching up with many of you during the year.

Brian Hill

Business & Technical Services Manager