Date: March 13, 2019
Author: Golf Australia

GV Magazine � have your say

Victorian golfers have enjoyed the benefit of receiving the Golf Victoria Magazine for nearly 60 years. With One Golf now operating in five Australian jurisdictions, it is an appropriate and opportune time to ask Victorians about the Magazine.

The Magazine was first published in July 1959 under the name Victorian Golf. The first and subsequent editions were 12 pages or so in length and were printed and distributed monthly. The Magazine took on its current name in 1991 and, by 1993, had become a full colour production of more than 40 or so pages per edition, resembling the style, content and format of today’s Magazine.

Refinements and improvements to the content and form of the Magazine have continued unabated. The Magazine’s editions are impressively produced and contain interesting and informative golfing articles and stories for their (predominantly) Victorian readers.

Currently, there are six editions of the Magazine produced annually and 16,500 copies of each edition are printed and mailed, with each edition also distributed electronically to 2,500 readers.

A survey is important so that we may be better informed about golfers’ expectations and requirements for the Magazine and the value they place on the Magazine keeping them informed about all manner of Victorian golfing issues, personalities and history, while at the same time providing them with golfing related stories and articles which are interesting and enjoyable to read.

To assist us consider these and other issues further, we seek your response to the various questions posed in the Magazine survey

The survey closes on 5.00 pm Sunday, 31 March 2019.