Date: April 29, 2019
Author: Martin Blake

Mark Allen battling cancer

The golf world is moving to support touring professional and popular media person Mark Allen, who has revealed he is battling stage four cancer.

Allen, 50, learned late last year that he had a significant tumour in the bowel and a secondary cancer in the chest.

He told the Herald Sun at the weekend that he had needed surgery to remove 18 percent of a lung, and this week confronts more surgery to take out 70 percent of his bowel.

A radio host with the Macquarie network, father-of-two Allen had previously chosen to keep his condition private, and has continued to work in radio.

“There is no doubt when I got the news I was stage four,’’ Allen said. “In some of that alone time you are in the car and start thinking the worst. All your life all you want to do is look after (wife) Trish and the kids. You are driving along and thinking about funeral songs. What song will they play at my funeral?

“But that disappeared pretty quickly. Let’s put some good music on and now I am singing in the car again. I have got some superstar doctors and I trust in them.’’

Allen played on the Australasian tour for 14 years before moving into coaching and media, becoming a popular after-dinner speaker and host.

He now faces three more months of radiology and chemotherapy beyond this week’s surgery. “At the moment it’s a really good story and we have ticked every box and we just have to get through the second half of it,” he said.