Date: February 01, 2019
Author: John Sutherland

New website project underway

We are now increasing activity around one of our key projects for 2019, a new “One Golf” website.

We have secured the services of Andrew Baxter to join our internal project team for the build. Andrew has as amazing CV in sport and tech, advises the AFL and is on the board of the NBL. He will be a great ideas resource and sounding board for us along the way and will be able to open doors to service providers through his networks.

Project team

Bree Earle, Project lead
Digital and Content Manager, Golf Australia

Greg Oakford, Project advisory
Senior Manager, Digital & Projects, Golf Australia

John Sutherland, Project advisory
General Manager – Marketing & Communications, Golf Australia

Andrew Baxter, Project advisory
Independent Consultant

The first step is to assess and select vendors / agencies who we can work with on this project. Our project team will be meeting six of these during the week 25 Feb. 

We hope to select an agency quickly who can move into a discovery phase with the customers, clubs, fans and business units. 

The aim is to have the new website live in early September 2019, three months ahead of the Presidents Cup in Melbourne so that we can maximise the spotlight on golf in this country during that period.