Date: May 04, 2018
Author: Golf Queensland

Player Blog: Louis Dobbelaar

Golf Queensland was able to take some time out with Louis before the Boy’s Junior Interstate Series commenced, and asked him some questions about the greatest sport of all, golf.

Hi I’m Louis Dobbelaar!!! 2018 will be my fourth year as a member of the team, but my first year as a captain. It’s an honour to have taken the role this year, and it’s been a position I’ve aspired to have since my first Boys Interstate Series.

The team this year has a few new faces, but we are ready to do Queensland proud. It is only now I have realised how amazing the opportunity is to be playing in a team environment in our chosen sport. It is so rare that golfers are able to come together and cheer each other on, it’s an experience like no other.

As we entered the 2018 Boys Interstate Series, the sense of performing as an individual was over and the boys were able to come together as a team. As Queenslander’s, we were coming into the event with high expectations as we have been in the mix the last few years. The Interstate Series are by far the longest days of golf you will play as a junior golfer in Australia, so the nutrition, hydration and recovery sessions were critical to the team to help feel fresh the next day. I definitely know that doing these elements consistently played a huge part in the result we had, and it was a massive strength. Being in the match play environment gives you a completely different type of nerves because a half point is the difference between getting the win in each match. The pride as a player playing for their state is a feeling you must embrace and not take for granted, and I’m sure we did our state proud.

As usual, being part of the Queensland Boys team, small sacrifices such as handing in phones for the day and not choosing the chicken schnitzel at dinner were made. As a team, having a no phone policy at dinner meant we actually had to talk to each other in real life! Such a strange feeling. As a team, these factors contributed to our bond, and coming together off the course left us in a good mental space heading out on course each day. I honestly can’t think of a word that can describe the feeling of being part of a winning team. After playing roughly 13 rounds over 11 days there has never been a more rewarding feeling than holding the trophy high with all the boys. An experience I’m sure we will all never forget.

It is tough being away from home for a couple weeks but having such a great bunch of guys around to keep the team grounded is always comforting. There’s many small tips I’ve learnt over the past few years travelling with the team, such as making sure you are the first one to enter the accommodation (so you get the biggest bed) and don’t leave yourself short to just make it to the bus on time…

All of us are all grateful for the support received from our coach (Chris Gibson), manager (Shane Stevenson), friends and family back home – this definitely gives us that extra bit of confidence each day.

Golf Queensland update: After the team’s win at the Boys’ Junior Interstate Series over Western Australia, Louis has been getting back to his usual routine of school and practice. He is looking forward to the working more with the mens’ team in early May for the Australian Men’s Interstate Series.