Date: October 13, 2016
Author: Golf Victoria

Questionnaire: Golfer�s with knee and/or hip replacement

Associate Professor Andrew Shimmin of the Melbourne Orthopaedic Group (MOG) Research Foundation in conjunction with Golf Victoria are conducting research into the impact of joint replacement surgery on people’s ability to play and enjoy golf. In particular we are interested in the frequency and level of golf being played in the year prior to, and the year after a hip or knee replacement, including how quickly patients returned to playing after their surgery 

To conduct this important medical research project, we need to hear from as many golfers as possible. If you have experience of undergoing a hip or knee replacement it would be appreciated if you would complete a brief questionnaire to assist with this study via the following link:

Each year, the MOG perform over 1000 hip and knee replacements with many of those patients being of an age and demographic who are golf enthusiasts. The MOG Research Foundation was set up to encourage a research environment in which state of the art clinical research could flourish in the setting of a busy private practice.

The Foundation has a sitting board of directors that includes eminent research personnel from various institutions in Melbourne. The foundation has direct responsibility for running the research fellowship, which over the last 10 years has assisted in the sub-specialty training of many overseas and local orthopaedic specialists.

Further information on the Melbourne Orthopaedic Group can be obtained from the following Website link:

A specific link outlining the valuable work of the MOG research foundation is as follows:

Any further queries regarding the questionnaire can be directed to either Dr Richard Napier, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Research Fellow at the Melbourne Orthopaedic Group on 0410 229 443 or A/Professor Shimmin (specialist in hip and knee surgery) on (03) 9525 1366.