Date: March 02, 2018
Author: Tony Durkin

Show us your cart: Green cart lights up fairways!

Ex-Army buddies Dave Miller and Alton Stanley spent about nine months creating their striking lime green golf cart which has been attracting attention on the fairways of Hervey Bay Golf Club since the early months of 2016.

Dave and Alton first met back in 1978 when they joined the Army together, and then reunited in Hervey Bay three years ago. And, as ex-engineers, they hit on the golf cart project idea when Alton’s neighbour generously donated him a disused boat.

“We cleaned up the boat, sold it and with the proceeds bought an old golf cart from a woman whose husband had recently passed away,” Dave revealed.

“Our intention was always to make a pretty spectacular statement with the cart, and we did. It is a beauty and definitely turned heads.”

The good mates spent around eight months and $5,500 on the project, occupying themselves after work – both are now truck drivers – and on weekends. It was, according to Dave, a genuine labour of love.

Apart from being lime green in colour and sporting two large chrome exhaust stacks at the rear, other features of the cart include: chrome and black sand buckets at the front that look like snorkels; an air horn as well as an old-style Ahooga horn; brushed chrome vinyl seats with a black stripe; woodgrain dash and overhead console; chrome steering column; green LED light under the dash; headlights and driving lights; 12-inch mag wheels; low-profile tyres; truck-style rear view mirrors; Western Star (truck) floor mats; Mack truck bulldog bonnet emblem; and the major centre of attention – an esky that holds 18 stubbies. With new suspension, new shock absorbers and a rejuvenated body frame, when finished the 33-year-old cart was better than new. And it always proudly flew the Australian flag.

Bearing the number plate UBIQUE – Latin for the word everywhere, which is the motto of both the Royal Australian Engineers and the Royal Australian Artillery – the owner/builders were as proud as punch of their project.


We want to see all the individualistic and unusual carts traversing the golf courses of Queensland. If you own a golf cart that is different, or know someone who does, comment on the Golf Queensland Facebook post on Saturday 3rd March and send a brief description, a photo and your contact details to