Date: May 23, 2018
Author: Golf Tasmania

Simon Weston’s Development Report – May, 2018

With just over a month remaining in the current MyGolf cycle, Tasmania is on track to reach a record number of registrations.  Over the last two years we have seen a significant increase in golf clubs offering MyGolf as well as a major increase in kids registering for MyGolf.

2015 – 2016 = 61 registrations

2016 – 2017 = 405 registrations

2017 – 2018 looks set to reach 700 – 750 registrations.

The increase in MyGolf support has been recognised at a national level.  If your golf club would like to offer a MyGolf program please contact me and I’d be happy to assist you in setting this up.


Tasmania is leading the country with Swing Fit.  We have had 12 golf clubs offer at least one 6 week program in the last 11 month.  Tasmania looks set to reach 200 registrations this cycle.  Well up from the previous year.

Many golf clubs who have offered Swing Fit have added new women members.  Swing Fit is a fun and social way for clubs to offer an introductory women’s golf program to attract new women to golf clubs.  If your club would like to offer Swing Fit please contact me to discuss.


Shorter forms of the game are a focus now with people living increasingly busy lives.  9 holes allows people to continue to play golf and still allow time for work and family. 9 hole cards can be used for handicapping purposes now.

From June 1st through to October 21st all 9 hole rounds that are entered into Golf Link will be included in the #Play 9 initiative.

Each player’s best 3 nett scores during the qualification period will count.  The more rounds played the better the chance of winning.

The 4 winners from Tasmania will be flown to Sydney to play 9 holes at the Lakes Golf Club on the tournament course following the 3rd round of the Australian Open.  Prize includes return flights to Sydney, accommodation, meals and ground transfers.

Posters and digital images will be sent to all golf clubs.  Please promote this Play 9 initiative throughout your club and encourage your members to play more 9 hole rounds to increase their chances of winning this great prize.


October is once again Golf Month this year.  Golf Tasmania would like to encourage all golf clubs to consider offering at least one activity/event in October.

Golf Month is a perfect opportunity to promote your golf club in the local community and open the gates to welcome new people into your club.  Please contact me for more details.