Date: June 23, 2016
Author: Golf Tasmania

Tasmanian women’s pennant: Time to review

Some years ago, it was decided to change the playing format for Tasmanian Women’s Pennant from scratch match play to handicap match play. A group of district representatives met and set out the conditions under which the new format would be played. It was envisaged at the time that a review would be undertaken at the end of the first or second year to ‘iron out’ any conditions that did not seem to be working successfully.

From recent feedback received from many pennant players throughout the state, it seems that a substantial review would now be timely and Golf Tasmania, together with the Tournament, Rules and Ratings Committee, wish to conduct such a review with representatives from the four district bodies.

Keeping in mind that Golf Tasmania’s main objective is to grow pennant around the state with as many clubs and players participating as possible, we ask that Women’s Golf Tasmania-South, Women’s Golf Tasmania-Southern Country, Northern Golf and Women’s Golf Tasmania-North West organise feedback from players and clubs considering the points listed below. Districts would discuss and compile this feedback in readiness for a state meeting to be held at the Launceston Golf Club on Monday, August 15th 2016 at 10.30am, with two representatives attending from each district.

We would then like recommendations from this first meeting to go back to clubs and districts for further discussion and feedback. Recommendations from this second round of discussions will then be collated and taken by two representatives from each district to a second meeting, again to be held at the Launceston Golf Club on Monday, October 3rd 2016 at 10.30am.

This review document will also be available on the Golf Tasmania website for input from clubs or individuals and can be sent to district Secretaries or Stuart Eaton at Golf Tasmania for inclusion in discussions.

A new set of conditions will then be compiled by the Tournament, Rules and Ratings Committee and forwarded to Golf Tasmania for approval in readiness for the new pennant season.

Issues which we would like discussed and points to consider:

1. Match play or handicap match play? Although many players would prefer straight match play, it would make a huge difference to the number of teams participating eg. in North West division one, there would only be two teams instead of the six which participated if handicap match play was discontinued. Would having say players one and two play off the stick and the rest playing handicap be a consideration?

2. Handicap range for the four divisions. Do we reconsider changing the current divisions? Or would it be an idea to overlap these divisions?

eg. Div 1 0-15
Div 2 10-25
Div 3 20-35
Div 4 30-45

3. Team averages. Feedback suggests that the current averages are proving difficult to maintain especially when handicaps reduce over the summer months. How can we improve this condition?

4. Day/s of play. Weekend or Weekday? Points to consider here are women who work or who are students who can only play at weekends, versus those who do not wish to commit to weekends.

5. Order of play. 1-5 or 5-1?

6. Conditions. Is it preferable to have the same conditions for districts and state?

7. Have a complete Home & Away roster if at all possible.

8. Use of match indices. Should club or balanced match indices be used?

9. Eligibility for finals. Number of games to be played with a team to be eligible for playing in the finals?

10. Number of strokes given for various divisions.

a. Should a percentage of strokes be given rather than the actual difference? Eg 75% or 80%?

b. Should there be an upper limit on number of strokes given?

11. Playing off the daily handicap on away courses? This needs to be explained in the conditions as there has been confusion among some clubs who do not understand that the DSR is different at each club.

12. Consideration be given to the inclusion of Composite teams to enable more players/teams to participation.

13. The roster. Is it possible to have a shorter period of play similar to the men’s pennant? Is it necessary to not have pennant played when all state events are scheduled?

14. Should finals be played in the regions? In the south the team that finishes on top is the winner of that division…this might help the rostering of matches particularly if there were less than 6 teams in a division.

15. Can players play in more than one division if matches are on different days and their handicap allows? eg a player participates in both Div 1 and Div 2 or Div 3 and Div 4?

16. Other points/suggestions for consideration?

Should anyone have any queries please contact Bev Holman ( or 0412 713 308) or Georgette Chilcott ( or 0403 475 991).