Date: February 17, 2017
Author: Golf Queensland

Tee it up! Learn about the basics of golf

What motivates you? Ambition? Fun? Creativity? Golf Queensland’s latest initiative Ladies, Let’s Golf embodies all of these qualities to provide women an opportunity to expand their borders and enter the world of golf. Whether you’re new to golf, or a returning player, Ladies, Let’s Golf encourages you to try something new, take time out of your day for ‘me time’ or with friends. So, what motivates you?

What is golf?
For far too long, golf has been considered a gentleman’s game for middle-aged or older men. But this could not be farther from the truth. The Australian and Queensland golf communities are quickly growing with female numbers. The all-encompassing nature of the game, its social appeal, and leisurely pace have attracted women of all ages to hit the green and get swinging.

A game of golf can be played in two variations: nine holes, or 18 holes. Depending on the facilities of the golf club venue, nine holes may be the only option. Many have joked that the aim of golf is to play less golf, and here’s why:

• At each hole, you hit the golf ball with the correct club from a starting point, with the aim of getting it into the hole. In many instances, these holes are flagged so you know where to aim.
• You have to get the ball in the hole in the least number of turns to get the best score (see where the joke comes in).
• There is no one standard ‘pitch’ or ‘field’ to play in, as every course and every hole vary differently in shape, size, and obstacles.

Get fit and stay healthy while playing golf.
When playing a game of golf, it is wise to be prepared for the day with appropriate golf shoes (or comfortable walking shoes if you are starting out), a bottle of water, and maybe some snacks. Golf courses can be kilometres long, meaning a lot of walking; terrific for exercise and staying fit and healthy. Because of the motion, speed, and power you apply to hitting the golf ball, many new golfers will begin to use muscles that are not often stretched in day-to-day activities. Which is why golf can be great for overall toning of your arms and core, but you certainly won’t become an athlete from playing the game, but it's certainly a healthy sport!

What do you need to play golf?
Just starting your golfing journey and not sure of what you need to get the job done? Luckily for you, the outset costs buying a set of clubs etc. is completely covered when you sign up for Golf Queensland’s Ladies, Let’s Golf program.

The program offers a FREE introduction to golf as an informal golf clinic for ladies. The 60-minute session will incorporate two golf skill aspects, an opportunity to meet with other like-minded women and enjoy a casual relaxed atmosphere over morning or afternoon tea. The free introductory clinic is inclusive of all equipment (i.e. golf balls, golf clubs, coaching, and refreshments), provided free of charge.

What motivates you?
Inspiring new golfers to get started and returning golfers to refresh their skills, Ladies, Let’s Golf is all about finding enjoyment in activity, and ‘me time’ on the green. So, what motivates you in 2017?

Push your boundaries and experience something new this year – why not try your hand at golf? Find your inner drive and get golfing with Golf Queensland’s latest initiative; delivering golf instruction in a fun, creative, interactive and friendly environment for women.
For more information, to find a clinic near you, or register online, please click here.