Date: March 06, 2019
Author: The National Golf Club

The National – Celebrating Women in Golf

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The fourth National Invitational concludes today, with over 120 women from four States participating! The event, designed to provide an opportunity for all golfing women to enjoy our courses, food and camaraderie, has been hugely successful. The National is proud to be able to celebrate golf with women across the country. Player comments such as “this is the best annual event anywhere” and “we are some of the founding participants” are common.

The National Golf Club (NGC) has a long history supporting equity in golf for women. From its beginning in 1987, NGC required that women’s participation was held in equal rank to the men. Shareholding and membership saw no distinction between men and women. Whilst Golf Australia has recently engaged the Human Rights Commission to help combat the gender imbalance in golf at some clubs across Australia, The National’s original policies obviated the need for overt guidelines. Equal membership categories, course access and competition have always been part of The National’s progressive approach.

On Friday, International Women’s Day will be celebrated. It is no coincidence our celebratory Invitational coincides with this international day of celebration. We look forward to working with other clubs and organisations to increase female participation in golf, and thus create new opportunities for better health, well-being and friendship. As part of this vision, we want to particularly thank our guests at The National Invitational for their ongoing support of this initiative. See you in 2020!