Date: July 21, 2016
Author: David Tease, Golf NSW

Ultralight emergency at Liverpool

The midweek crowd at Liverpool Golf Club got a bit more than they bargained for during their round today when the pilot of an light plane was forced to carry out an emergency landing and ended up in a dam near the 10th hole.

Emergency crews were called to the course in Sydney's south-west just before 2pm.

The aircraft had just taken off from Bankstown Airport when it began to have engine problems. The pilot attempted to turn back to the airport to land on the runway but it never made it. Instead, he made a forced landing on the fairway.

According to several witnesses on the golf course, the pilot had attempted to land on a flat fairway but was slicing towards the trees and was forced to "pull back up" into the air.

The plane landed again on the green and reportedly bounced before the plane ended up in the water hazard.

Scott Cragg from Liverpool Golf Club's operations department said he spoke to a female occupant after the incident. "She was remarkably fine. A little shaken, as you can imagine."

The golf course is a short distance from Bankstown Airport. The three people on board the plane managed to escape without injury.