Date: April 03, 2019
Author: Chyloe Kurdas

Vision 2025 roadshow update

Vision 2025 Roadshow

To date, 14/47 presentations have been delivered to374 people from 156 clubs/organisations, with 3 states completed.

The verbal and written feedback so far have been very positive, with attendees articulating a greater sense of empowerment and enthusiasm to act, as well as an understanding of what steps clubs can take to commit to Vision 2025 and its objectives.

The Roadshow presentation includes the following segments:

  • Vision 2025 strategy and explanation
  • Golf Australia’s Member Protection Policy
  • Australian Human Rights Commission’s Equal Opportunity Guidelines for the Promotion of Women and Girls in Golf
  • Vision 2025 rationale & supporting evidence/research
  • Suggested Vision 2025 implementation strategy and process for clubs
  • Suggested Vision 2025 actions for clubs to implement

The purpose of the presentation isto:

  1. Call upon attendees to be open to and explore the needs of women and girls not yet engaged and currently engaged in golf
  2. Highlight to attendees the power and responsibilityofthe leadership platform they have to cultivate significant cultural change in our golf community

Some comments from attendees:

“Excellent and inspiring evening – thank you” – Women’s Committee member

“Interesting times ahead but all for the good and agree the hardest part is taking the first step, but once the move is made all will roll on!” – Club membership staff member (female)

“Sincerely thank you for the amazingly uplifting presentation you hosted last night. It was just what we needed, and so much appreciated. You spoke so clearly and the content was perfect. Sadly our club has experienced a few hic ups during the past year or so, as have many others, but with all the positive and challenging ideas you presented I feel it’s onward and upward for us all” – Women’s President

“I found it very informative and it highlighted some gaps we have in our structure. I also think many of the initiatives to create membership growth within women and girls can flow into other areas.” – Club President (male)

“Having played golf for nearly 60 years in both country and metropolitan areas, I have experienced all of which you spoke, but the love of the game and all that goes with it has been enough to keep me trying to encourage women and girls to join me.  This attention to women and girls has been long overdue.” District board member (female)

“You gave me hope that the future for Women and Girls in our great sport is not only possible but achievable.” – Club President (male)

“Your presentation was very informative and this movement is long overdue.” Male attendee

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