Date: March 06, 2018
Author: MyGolf

Whale of a time for beginner MyGolfers

MyGolfers are having a blast at the Whaleback Golf Course junior program, south of Perth.

Introducing a range of activities for various skill levels labelled by rookie, star and master, PGA Professional Mark Shaw has been running a hugely successful program for almost two years, and now holds the title of February MyGolf centre of the month.

“It has been a pleasure watching the kids develop their skills and move through the different levels, especially those who find themselves not ‘fitting in’ with other sports,” Mark said.

Ten participants were even lucky enough to attend the practice day of the ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth tournament to meet tour players Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston and Jack ‘Pineapple’ Wilson.

“The kids had a wonderful afternoon watching the guys hit an array of different shaped shots on the range and challenge each other on the Callaway Golf Connect 4 putting ramp,” Mark said.

“It was a pleasure to see the kids with a look of awe on their faces when the guys were addressing them.”

Beginner levels of the program focus on fun-based development activities, such as tunnel ball, dodge ball, throwing activities and frisbee.  The kids are then introduced to golfing activities with modified equipment to ensure ease when hitting the ball as a beginner.

“Our game is one that allows them all to progress at their own pace,” Mark said.

“Our job is to keep it fun for them and hold their interest. When I first delivered the MyGolf program here at Whaleback, we had only a handful of kids in total.”

“It’s been fantastic to be a part of a junior program that now attracts over 60 participants, with a dozen of them attending 3 times a week.”

The star participants of the program move on to golf related light exercise before taking part in points-based putting and chipping activities, as well as visiting the range.

“I hope to encourage more kids to take up golf with more sessions being planned for the upcoming terms,” Mark said.

The most advanced class of the program is designed to further basic golf skills and introduce the participants to on-course play with shortened holes. The sessions also encourage the knowledge of rules and etiquette throughout play.

Congratulations Mark on your success at Whaleback Golf Course! MyGolf are excited to see your program grow even further in the future.

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