Date: May 16, 2006

2006 AGMs and Amalgamation

The 2006 AGM of the NTGA was held at the Alice Springs Golf Club on Thursday, 27 April 2006. At the AGM the members of the 2005/2006 Executive Committee were re-elected until 30 June 2006. They are: President Alan Nicholls (RAAF Darwin GC) Vice President Paul Pearson (Alice Springs GC) Secretary Jason De Araujo (Palmerston G&CC) Treasurer Barry Richards (Darwin GC) Amalgamation Immediately following the AGM was a Special General Meeting to consider the Draft Constitution of GOLF NT Inc this is the proposed organization from the amalgamation of the NTGA and WGNTD. With only minor amendments, the Draft Constitution was agreed. The following day, the WGNTD held its AGM and it was followed by a SGM to consider the same Draft Constitution; with the same minor amendments the Draft was agreed. The consequence of these agreements is that the NTGA and WGNTD will both be disbanded and Golf NT Inc will be formed with effect from 1 July 2006. Thus, the Northern Territory will be the first State or Territory to amalgamate its Women’s and Men’sAssociations. The amalgamated body will be known as Golf NT Inc.