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2006 MFS AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINAL QUALIFYING – MONDAY 13 NOVEMBER INFORMATION FOR COMPETITORS Qualification for Championship Proper Approximately 60 positions in the field for the Championship Proper will be available to competitors in Final Qualifying (NB approximately 20 positions will be available in each Final Qualifying competition). However, confirmation of the exact numbers will be available at each course on the day, Monday 13 November. In a Final Qualifying competition, should there be a tie for the last available position(s) (or for alternate positions), such that that position(s) remains undecided, those competitors in such a tie SHALL CONTINUE IN A SUDDEN-DEATH, HOLE-BY-HOLE PLAY-OFF, which will be conducted immediately upon the conclusion of the scheduled event. Championship Proper The Championship Proper will be played at The Royal Sydney Golf Club, Sydney, from 16 to 19 November. Successful Final Qualifying competitors must ensure they register at The Royal Sydney Golf Club either between 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm on Monday 13 November, or between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm on Tuesday 14 November. Practice All competitors are entitled to one free practice round. In order to play a practice round, all competitors MUST book a time times should be booked by Monday 6 November. Long Reef Golf Club (02) 9982 2943 Monash Country Club (02) 9913 7722 St. Michael s Golf Club (02) 93110621 From daily tee markers only one ball only competitors only. Dress During both practice and competition, competitors and their caddies must ensure a standard of dress in keeping with national championships. Jeans, t-shirts, and garments with excessive advertising are not permitted on the courses or in the clubhouses. Shirts must be tucked in; golf shoes must be worn. In addition, competitors must ensure that they and their caddies adhere to the host club s dress regulations. Driving Clubs NEW CONDITION The driver the player carries must have a clubhead, identified by model and loft, that is named on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by R&A Rules Limited. Note: Any individual driver on the List, if tested on pendulum apparatus approved by R&A Rules Limited, must not have a characteristic time greater than 257 microseconds. (The list may be viewed at www.randa.org.) Penalty: Disqualification Balls with Identical Markings to be Used Throughout a stipulated round, the balls a competitor uses must be of the same brand and type as detailed by a single entry in the current list of Conforming Golf Balls. The current list of Conforming Golf Balls can be found on the R&A website (see Rules / Equipment / Conforming Golf Balls). Practice Putting Practice putting and chipping on the green of the hole last played is prohibited in Final Qualifying and the Championship Proper. Amateur/Professional Status Amateur competitors should note that they will not be permitted to change the status of their entry from amateur to professional after Sunday 12 November. Further Conditions For further conditions please consult the championship entry form. Withdrawals Any competitor wishing to withdraw prior to the day of the event must advise Golf Australia on (03) 9626 5011.