Date: November 17, 2015
Author: David Tease- Golf NSW

2016 Golf NSW HP Squad announced

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The 2016 Golf New South Wales High Performance Squad for 2016 has been announced.

Five athletes have been included as Tier 1 members and five as Tier 2 members for 2016.

The successful athletes named as Tier 1 HP Squad members are: Cameron Davis, Travis Smyth, Harrison Endycott, Troy Moses and Elizabeth Elmassian.

Tier 1 athletes will benefit from the full support of the Golf NSW High Performance Program.

The successful athletes named as Tier 2 Squad members are: Blake Windred, Doey Choi, Stefanie Hall, Daniel Gale and Sophie Cusack.

Tier 2 athletes will benefit from targeted squad training, high performance camps and targeted coaching assistance.

Selection in the 2016 High Performance Squad was based on performance and developmental criteria, as well as an additional interview and the discretion of the high performance committee.

In addition to the 2016 Golf NSW High Performance Squads, a watch list of athletes who will be given assistance in specific areas of their game has been named. These athletes will be given some HP opportunities, including tournament training, high performance camps and targeted assistance.

The ten athletes named on the watch list are: James Grierson, Kevin Yuan, Celina Yuan, Jordan Garner, Jason Hong, Isaac Noh, Mitch Gannon, Josh Armstrong, Amy Chu and Harry Doig.

Nine players will benefit from distance and professional training on an ongoing basis as they require. They are: Jordan Zunic, Dale Brandt- Richards, Jake Higginbottom, Matt Stieger, Ruben Sondjaja, Sarah Kemp, Cathleen Santosa, Brendan Smith and Callan O'Reilly.

The 2016 NSW HP squad will gather at Riverside Oaks Golf Resort this Thursday, November 19th for their first three day training camp.