Date: August 25, 2019
Author: Christian Puccini

2019 Golf SA Board Elections

Dear Golf SA Members,

Golf SA hereby calls for Nominations for the Board at its 11th Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday 26th October 2019 at The Playford, North Terrace.

Under the Constitution adopted in May 2015 and in accordance with clause 11.4 (d) – Term of Appointment of Elected Directors – At least two of the Elected Directors must retire every year. If the number of Elected Directors whose term ends in any one year (Retiring Directors) is less than two of the number of Elected Directors, then an additional number of the Elected Directors who are not due to retire (Non-Retiring Directors) must retire to make up two.

As no Golf SA Board Directors are due to retire in 2019 the following two Board Directors will retire as per clause 11.4 (d).

– Tony Timmins (eligible for re-election)

– John Norman (eligible for re-election)

In accordance with Clause 10 – Composition of the Board – there shall be a minimum of 40% of either gender in the total composition of the Board. The Board is currently made up of four (4) male and three (3) female members.

At the 2019 AGM the requirement will be for at least one (1) male to be elected to the Board. The remaining position may be filled by either a male or female candidate.

In accordance with the Constitution the following must reach the State Manager by 4pm Wednesday 25th September 2019:

– Nominations for the Board of Golf SA (Clause11.2)

– Notices of Motion to the Annual General Meeting (Clause 18 (c)

Should you have any queries about standing for the Board of Golf SA you are encouraged to contact:

– Chair of the Board – Tony Timmins –

– SA State Manager – Christian Puccini –

For the following forms: Candidate Nomination, Candidate Statement and Notice of Motion > CLICK HERE