Date: August 06, 2015

Getting involved in Golf Month is easy.

To discover what your local clubs and facilities are doing, find an activity by entering your postcode or suburb.

When you identify an activity that you would like to participate in or a membership offer you would like some more information on, please register your interest and provide your name, email address and postcode. You'll receive a confirmation email and your Golf Month facility will then be able to provide you with more details. They can also make sure they’re ready for you on the day if you’ve signed up for an activity.

Below is an overview of the types of activities and offers we expect to see around the country during October 2016.

Membership Offers

Clinics & Lessons
Junior Programs – MyGolf
Women's Programs – Swing Fit
Inclusive Programs (for those with a disability)
Green Fee Offers
Competitions and Events
New Formats
Open Days and Family Days
Community Golf Activation (Public Area)
Qantas Golf Club Events
School Events
Member and Guest Events
Shorter Format Events

Membership Offers

With approximately 1,500 golf clubs and facilities across the country, Australia offers some of the best golf experiences in the world.

Throughout the month of October, clubs and facilities around Australia will be offering a range of memberships to suit your future golfing needs.

So be sure to visit your local club or facility during Golf Month to find out what’s on offer and a membership option to suit you.

The benefits of membership include:

· Access to a golf course
· The chance to build life-long friendships
· Camaraderie, community and a sense of belonging
· The ability to arrange to play golf at a specific time that suits you and your friends
· Opportunities to play in competitions or just for fun
· The ability to contribute to a club and your local community
· Health and wellbeing – the benefits of regular exercise

Click here to find a golf club in your local area for their membership options and programs.

If you’re already a member, check out the Golf Month ‘introduce a member ’ competition, through which you can win an all-expenses paid trip to the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open at Royal Adelaide in February 2017, including a place in the pro-am.


Clinics & Lessons

Is your swing in need of a bit of help? You’re not alone.

Are you looking for some tips and tricks to improve your golf swing? Or are you a beginner wanting to learn the game of golf? Look no further than Golf Month!

What better way to get into golf or get your game in shape than to participate in a clinic or lesson offered during Golf Month 2016?

During October, golf clubs all throughout Australia will be running clinics, programs and lessons for all abilities, and ages. PGA and ALPG Professionals will be offering friendly tips and advice to help you enjoy your next golfing experience.

Whether you're new to golf, coming back from a break or playing regularly, there are plenty of activities on offer during Golf Month to help take your game to the next level.

Click here to find clinics and lessons in your local area.




Junior Programs – MyGolf


MyGolf is Australia’s national junior introductory program.

Designed for 5 to 12 year olds, it seeks to drive participation in golf and promote the game’s social and fun aspects to the wider community; it is the major driver of junior golf participation in Australia

Delivered as a ten week introductory program to the sport, MyGolf is promoting skills development and increasing kids’ participation and engagement in golf in a fun, social and accessible way

Find a MyGolf program for your child in your local area at


Women's Programs – Swing Fit

Swing Fit is the fun, healthy and social way for women to learn and develop golf skills.

You don’t need any golf knowledge or equipment; simply turn up in comfy clothing and get started.

You’ll learn the basics of the golf swing and how to putt over a six week program, whilst also getting your whole body moving through golf-specific conditioning and movement exercises

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people and receive constant support throughout each 75 minute session, which cost just $20 each.

So get outdoors, meet new friends and learn a sport you can play for the rest of your life!

To discover more about Swing Fit, find a centre or to tell us we should be setting one up near you, go to


Inclusive Programs (for those with a disability)

As a sport, golf is committed to increasing participation for people with a disability and we’re working hard to deliver social, accessible and enjoyable golf experiences, as well as raising awareness and showcasing the benefits to those who participate

So during October, at selected locations, ISPS accredited coaches in blind and disabled golf will be running clinics for people with a disability who would like to start playing golf or brush up their skills.

These clinics will offer the chance to have fun with family and friends, whilst learning and developing skills in a relaxed and supportive environment. 

Golf Month is an important step for the sport in this area, as we develop a nationally co-ordinated program of clinics and events across social play and competitions.

We’re also working closely with Empower Golf to expand the number of ParaGolfer hubs across Australia.


Green Fee Offers

Many clubs and facilities will have special offers during the month of October, providing you with the opportunity to play at some of our country’s golf courses at reduced rates.

We expect these offers to include two-for-one and ‘book a fourball’ deals, lower prices at certain times of day or days of the week and reduced visitor rates for members’ guests.

Check out what is happening in your local area.


Competitions and Events

Last year's 'introduce a member' consumer competition was won by John Mazza from Bunbury Golf Club (WA), who won a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the 2015 Emirates Australian Open.

The 2015 facility of the year was Bairnsdale Golf Club (VIC), with innovation awards also going to the following:

· NSW: Magenta Shores Golf and Country Club (par three, nine-hole challenge)
· NT: Alice Springs Golf Club (members bring a non-member for free)
· QLD: Gracemere Lake Golf Club (six hole, two person ambrose)
· SA: Blackwood Golf Club (family fun day)
· TAS: Prospect Vale Golf Club (open day)
· VIC: Glen Waverley Golf Club (neon night golf)
· WA: Chequers Golf Club (family fun day)

Our winner from the PGA and ALPG trainees, rewarded for involvement and commitment to Golf Month, was PGA Member David Wallis from Ballarat Golf Club (VIC).

Check out the competitions page for details of how you can win a once-in-a-lifetime ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open experience, which includes a place in the pro-am and tickets to the event’s gala dinner.


New Formats

Our sport continues to evolve and grow in new and exciting directions and some of these will be on show during Golf Month in 2016. Here’s an overview of just a handful of these innovations:

· Speedgolf: A fun, fast, and fitness based alternative to traditional golf that involves playing a round of golf in the shortest time and the lowest possible number of shots. Find out more at

· Big Hole Golf: Making golf faster, easier and a more enjoyable experience for golfers of all abilities, Big Hole Golf is appearing at a range of Australian golf facilities. With eight inch cups, it makes the game a whole lot easier! For more information, go to

· FootGolf: Combining the popular sports of football (soccer) and golf, FootGolf is played on a golf course, with oversized holes. Instead of using golf clubs and golf balls, players kick a football. Like the traditional form of golf, the aim is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest number of ‘shots’. Find out if there is a Foot Golf facility near you at

· Urban Golf: From the streets to your lounge room and in the heart of the city, Urban Golf is a fun and safe sport that can be played by anybody. For more information go to


Open Days and Family Days

Some clubs will be staging open days during Golf Month, providing a great opportunity to visit your local golf facility, discover golf and explore what the sport has to offer.

Those clubs and facilities that open their doors to their communities during October will provide welcoming environments to anyone with an interest in the sport.They might simply host a BBQ, but many will showcase their facilities, run lessons and clinics (including MyGolf and Swing Fit), putting competitions and other fun activities.

They might even build their open days around member and guest competitions, which always bring a fun dynamic to clubs and facilities and provide a great opportunity for current club members to bring friends and family members along.

Click here to find open days in your local area.


Community Golf Activation (Public Area)

During Golf Month 2016, you might just stumble across activities where you would not expect to find them.

Some states, territories, clubs and facilities will be out and about, taking golf to the people during October 2016, giving new audiences and communities a chance to get a taste for golf in a completely different environment.

Parks, beaches, markets, shopping malls and other areas in your local community could be providing an unexpected chance to play golf during Golf Month, so keep your eyes peeled!


Qantas Golf Club Events

Endorsed and supported by Golf Australia and golf legend Greg Norman, the Qantas Golf Club offers a unique array of golfing benefits.

When you become a member, you enjoy access to tee times at participating golf courses across Australia, invitations to attend Qantas Golf Club events and tournaments and the opportunity to choose from a range of golf holiday packages in Australia and overseas. Plus, you'll also earn Qantas Points on eligible purchases.

With two levels of membership, you can choose the one that's right for you. Select a free or premium membership and get ready to take advantage of everything Qantas Golf Club has to offer.


Twilight Events

October is a fantastic month in Australia. Right in the middle of spring, the days are getting lighter and the temperatures are rising as the country prepares for the heat of summer.

We expect a range of clubs and facilities to capitalise on this through Golf Month by hosting post work events in the evenings. We expect to see par three and putting competitions, ‘come and try’ clinics, six and nine-hole specials and BBQs and drinks for members and guests.

As the month progresses, there will be ‘time for nine’ too. We might even see some clubs gently tweaking their course layouts to make this easier for you. It’s worked well in Scotland!

Click here to discover twilight events happening near you.


School Events

During October, we expect to see even more MyGolf Schools and MyGolf Sporting Schools programs running:

· MyGolf Schools is delivered by teachers to students in grades 3-6 in primary schools and grades 7-10 in secondary schools. The five session program introduces students to the game of golf in a simple manner that is fun and engaging. The program is designed to ensure teachers meet learning outcomes and can align the activities with curriculum requirements. To ensure this, resource manuals containing grade specific lesson plans with curriculum aligned learning intentions, band summaries and focus questions have been created for each session.
· Sporting Schools is an Australian Government initiative to get more primary school aged children participating in organised sport. Schools register for grants to deliver programs either before, during or after-school. Through the MyGolf Sporting Schools program, we aim to introduce children to the game of golf through fun, engaging, challenging programs delivered by local PGA Professionals, Community Golf Instructors and school teachers to a range of age groups and skill levels.

For more information about how your school can run a MyGolf Schools program please contact your relevant state or territory association or junior golf foundation. Alternatively, please contact Shaun Hickman at Golf Australia on (03) 9626 5000 or

For more information on the MyGolf Sporting Schools program please click here or visit


Member and Guest Events

Are you friends with a member of a golf club? When was the last time they invited you to play at their club?

Golf Month will see clubs and facilities across the country staging member and guest days, where you could have the chance to play at a great golf course for a reduced rate with great company.

Who knows, it might re-ignite your passion for the game and persuade you to join a club.

Click here to discover shorter format events happening near you.


Shorter Format Events

From Gareth Bale and Sprint 6 Golf to the R&A’s support for nine hole golf– including competitively and for handicap purposes – there is no doubt that our sport needs to offer shorter options and is starting to deliver.

The R&A’s pace of play survey and Time for Golf conference in St Andrews last November both highlighted the challenges many people face in finding time to play 18 holes, with 60% of the golfers surveyed expressing the view that they would enjoy golf more if it took less time.

So we’re excited to see what Australia’s clubs and facilities will offer you during Golf Month. We expect to see three, six and nine-hole events at evenings and weekends and we hope many of these will be fun formats such as Ambrose.

With the 2016 election fading from memory, we expect that there will be plenty of sausage sizzles at 19th holes across the country too!

Click here to discover shorter format events happening near you.