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From 9-12 February 2012, some of the best golfers in the world will take on the composite course at Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Here, we reveal the tips to a course which will be hosting the ISPS Handa Women&aposs Australian Open for the first time. PAR: 73 TOTAL YARDAGE: 5976 Metres / 6505 Yards In the event of a play-off, the 18th hole will be played repeatedly until a winner is confirmed. HOLE: 1 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 324 Metres / 353 Yards This is a real birdie chance to begin the round, with a good drive able to set up a comfortable approach pitch. But beware – the green slopes down over the back and it&aposs easy to finish well past the pin. Bunkers on the left are dangerous, but it&aposs an open approach. HOLE: 2 PAR: 5 LENGTH: 461 Metres / 502 Yards A tough hole that provides a birdie chance for the long-hitters. The drive goes over a hill, with fairway bunkers looming for the short shot. A wood or long iron approach must be straight, as bunkers on either side of the green are trouble. HOLE: 3 PAR: 3 LENGTH: 130 Metres / 142 Yards Accuracy and the right choice of club makes this a superb par three hole. A middle iron is needed to cross a valley to the green, heavily fortified with bunkers. The fast green has a steep slope from back to front and is a tricky test. HOLE: 4 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 337 Metres / 367 Yards Rated as the most difficult green on the course, the early shots are crucial. A sharp dog leg makes it vital that the tee shot carries a minimum of 200-metres across dense rough and fairway traps, in order to leave the ball in the right position. The elevated green slopes towards the front and produces many three putts HOLE: 5 PAR: 3 LENGTH: 125 metres / 136 yards A deceptively easy-looking hole where club selection is vital. The tee shot must be well-placed, with the narrow green and difficult undulations making long putts tough. It goes uphill from the tee, with plenty of bunkers, especially for those who over-shoot the green. HOLE: 6 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 285 Metres / 310 Yards A tempting hole for the big hitters, especially if they attack the pin by cutting the corner. But that&aposs where the danger is, as the sand bunker is huge and a miss can be penalised. It&aposs short, but suits the disciplined players who go the right way around. But watch the long drivers tackle that corner! HOLE: 7 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 365 Metres / 397 Yards A deceptive hole that tempts the big hitters who challenge the fairway trap and rough on the left as they go direct. A second shot to a sloping green is a long haul and must be accurate, with bunkers guarding the entrance. A drive and a four iron can still produce many bogies HOLE: 8 PAR: 5 LENGTH: 435 Metres / 474 Yards A lengthy fairway which requires a couple of long shots, especially off the tee where some early bunkers await the strong hitters. This par four becomes difficult into the northerly wind. The approach shot goes over some rough and one bunker right in front can be troublesome. HOLE: 9 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 375 Metres / 408 Yards Again two long shots are required, with the drive passing some bunkers on the left-hand side of the fairway. It&aposs a tight driving hole and the second shot needs a wood or long iron to an elevated green. Dangerous traps on the right make for a straight approach. HOLE: 10 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 355 Metres / 386 Yards This is a pleasant-looking hole, but full of danger. A dog-leg to the right means the drive must carry upwards and over 200-metres to present an approach shot from a downhill lie. The green looks awesome, well-protected by bunkers, but a good eight iron lobbed nicely will pay dividends. HOLE: 11 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 330 Metres / 359 Yards A good driving hole, this presents a wide area leading up to a big green with little danger. But it&aposs a deceptive hole, with a hooked tee shot leading to danger in unplayable trees on the left. A trap on the right of the green, plus a grassy mound and deep rough on the left, makes it a little deceptive. HOLE: 12 PAR: 5 LENGTH: 439 Metres / 478 Yards Normally played as a Par 5 for the Members it will also play as a Par 5 for the women&aposs field. There is plenty of room for the drive as long as the right hand side rough is avoided. Second shots must guard against hitting too far left with heavy rough and a deep bunker waiting. HOLE: 13 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 304 Metres / 331 Yards A deceptive hole, short with a big fairway trap, but a real birdie chance. Players need to drive left or centre, with a fairway trap guarding the right side and a steep hill running into deep rough for tee shots hooked too far left. The small fast-sloping green is stepped and guarded by deep bunkers at the entrance. HOLE: 14 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 370 Metres / 403 Yards A long-driving hole with a different approach. Accuracy is required off the tee to navigate the dog leg and then a deceptive hill up to the hole often leaves players short. The green is guarded by bunkers along the right fairway and on the left of the green. HOLE: 15 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 350 Metres / 381 Yards Here you have to decide whether to be brave and it down to a narrow neck of the fairway or play an iron for safety, fading it off the big gum trees you see from the tee. The pros almost always go with iron or fairway metal. Two tiered green – the back tier can be hard to hold with second shot. HOLE: 16 PAR: 3 LENGTH: 160 Metres / 174 Yards The 16th Hole is a long difficult Par 3, well bunkered with a ridge running through the middle of the green. HOLE: 17 PAR: 5 LENGTH: 465 Metres / 506 Yards One for the attacking golfers, with the barrier of fairway bunkers forcing the decision to go long twice or lay up short and approach with a sand iron. It&aposs an open driving hole, but accuracy is needed, with all the emphasis on the choice of the second shot, with those traps neatly placed to catch the wrong decision-makers. HOLE: 18 PAR: 4 LENGTH: 366 Metres / 398 Yards A long hole offering the accurate hitters a birdie chance . The long drivers still need a big second shot, but the green is large and inviting once you pass over the fairway bunkers. The green is surrounded by traps with some rough in front and the entry is nice and narrow.