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Benefits Our research suggests that one of the barriers to entry into golf or the optimal participation of club members is a “lack of time”. In discussions with key industry stakeholders, Golf Australia has identified the concept of 9 hole golf as a potential key contributor to overcoming this barrier. With its emphasis on choice and flexibility, 9 hole will provide clubs with an opportunity to optimise the use of their facilities by: Attracting new participants Providing more flexible playing options for time-poor members, thereby providing a member retention strategy and increasing the frequency with which members play Clubs will also benefit from the support of a comprehensive Golf Australia promotional campaign that includes this website, a national public awareness drive and an officially endorsed national tournament. As well as providing a more flexible option for people with time constraints, 9 hole golf has also been identified as an attraction to beginners and those with physical limitations who may find the 18 hole form of the game too demanding. It is also family friendly and will ultimately provide you with more spare time to enjoy with friends and family.