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Implementing Hole There are numerous ways in which 9 hole golf activities can be implemented, depending on the profile and needs of each club. Keeping in mind the concepts of time and choice, consider such efforts as: Running 9 hole events in the early morning or late afternoon to allow workers, students and families to play and also to “beat the heat”. Placing 9 hole competitions amidst 18 hole fields at weekends allowing people who lack the time for a full round to play a weekend competition and enjoy the social atmosphere of the clubhouse post-round. Combining nine hole events with social functions, e.g. the “nine & dine concept”. Consider running these events as officially handicapped competitions. Developing other events such as Ambrose, 4BBB, match play and interclub competitions. Tailoring the shorter format events to suit your course any round of more than 9 holes may be officially handicapped, so if your course design is such that the 12th hole returns to the clubhouse, consider playing 12 hole events and adjust the scores according to the rules of the Australian Handicapping System. Click here for more information. If your course is not fully utilised by 18 hole players, consider offering a 9-hole green fee at all times, not just late in the day.