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A separate ranking system will be compiled for men and women. Points will be allocated for nominated events conducted both within and outside Australia for events in which Australian Athletes who wish to be considered for selection to the national squad or national teams have applied. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Points Allocation The National Ranking System is a points-based system so that Athletes performances are compared against the field in which they are competing regardless of the difficulty of the golf course or the weather conditions. A base allocation of points is outlined below. The strength of the field will see all competition points multiplied by a percentage. Points will be awarded as follows: Points will be allocated to the first 30 players in the field, plus those tied on 30th place. Each competitor who finishes below 30th place will receive one or more competition points and this will be taken into account when determining a player s average number of points per event. The total number of points earned by a player will be divided by the number of events they have played. To be eligible an Athlete must have played a minimum of four events in the previous six months. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Weighting of points per tournament The percentage multiples for the ranking of events has taken into account the relative strength of the fields and importance of the event. The events conducted in Australia which are awarded ranking points are outlined below. The National Ranking System will be updated and the current rankings will be posted on the GA website within 7 days of the event having been contested. The top athletes averages will appear on the GA website provided they have competed in at least four events in the previous 12 months. Note: this listing of events is subject to change, however if there is a change then those changes will be published on the Golf Australia website and Athletes will receive notification of the changes. Note: events ranked #1 and #2 are not included in the National Ranking System but have been included should individual states wish to adopt this system of ranking. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Event weighting list for men’s teams: Other events which appear on the R & A World Amateur Golf Ranking list may be included. This list can be found at www.randa.org ____________________________________________________________________________________ Event weighting list for women&aposs teams: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Points and Non-eligible Athletes: In most events there will be athletes who do not qualify for National teams according to the Policy (see section 8.1 & 8.2). They will still receive points as the points are allocated according to the entire field, and their points will be published on the National Ranking System once they have competed in a minimum of four Selection Events. This condition applies to overseas players competing in Australian events and athletes living in Australia who are ineligible for national squad and team selection.