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Supporting Golf Industry Research. Golf Australia supports the following industry survey and encourages you to complete the survey. INJURIES IN GOLF The University of Sydney is conducting a research survey examining injuries in golf. The survey was developed in collaboration between University of Sydney and Dr. Jeff Steinweg and Mr. Paul Trainer from the PGA (Tour division). The survey seeks to document information on playing and practicing, general fitness and injury prevalence. Participation in this study is anonymous, no identifying questions are present on the Injury Survey. All information is confidential and will be stored in compliance with University of Sydney guidelines. The survey is in two parts, most questions are multiple choices and you would expect to complete it in 5 minutes. The Sydney University research team will provide a summary report of results at the conclusion of the project and the results will be published on the Golf Australia website. It will benefit our membership by detailing the prevalence and types of injuries experienced by golfers in Australia. If you have any questions about the survey, or for more information please telephone Mr. Matt Grassmayr at the University of Sydney, Discipline of Exercise & Sport Science on (02) 9036 7630, or alternatively email mgrassmayr@usyd.edu.au To complete the survey click HERE and follow the instructions.