Date: November 21, 2016

Affiliation Fees – Effective 1 January 2017 for (Jan 2017 – Dec 2017)

The 2017 Affiliation Fee structure will now be divided into the following categories:

· Country Club (6 Month)
· Country Club (12 Month)
· Metro Club & Social Club
· Junior (Country & Metro)

Affiliation Fees

· Country Club (6 Month)
Golf SA $15.00 (including GST) + Golf Australia $18.00 (including GST) = $33.00 (including GST)

· Country Club (12 Month)
Golf SA $24.60 (including GST) + Golf Australia $18.00 (including GST) = $42.60 (including GST)

· Metro Club & Social Club
Golf SA $34.20 (including GST) + Golf Australia $18.00 (including GST) = $52.20 (including GST)

· Junior (Country & Metro)
Golf SA $11.00 (including GST) + Golf Australia $18.00 (including GST) = $29.00 (including GST)

CLICK HERE to download 2017 Affiliation Fee Notice


What Affiliation Fees do club golfers pay?

Affiliation fees are collected annually from each affiliated club and Golf SA provides member services to the club and its members. For equity, the amount collected from each club is based on the club’s membership size and equates to its share of the total running costs of the organisation.

What does Golf SA do for golfers in return for affiliation fees?

Golf SA works with the key objective of promoting and encouraging the playing and enjoyment of golf.

For club golfers, affiliation fees paid to Golf SA means access to a wide range of services including the provision of an Golf Australia Handicap, eligibility to enter State Championship events and participate in talent development programs and coverage for personal and public liability insurances both at your home club and throughout Australia. In addition your club has access to numerous support services such as the Club Support Program rules and handicapping, competition management and water and industry research.

Why does Golf SA need to collect affiliation fees?

Golf SA needs income in order to function as the parent body for golf in South Australia. Clubs and club members should understand that their affiliation fee contribution represents an investment in the future of the game.

What Golf SA does for golfers?

For club golfers, paying Golf SA affiliation fees means you have access to the following services:

You have an official Australian Golf Handicap and are accepted into competitions inside and outside of your own club and worldwide

You are eligible to enter the numerous open events and State Championships conducted each year by Golf SA and other competitions sponsored or supported by Golf SA

You are eligible to participate in the wide range of coaching, clinics, talent development programs, squads, teams and special events conducted by Golf SA

Your club has the protection and opportunities, which flow from being part of a major Association that is well respected by government, media and business sectors

Your club has access to the legal, advisory and representation services provided by the organisation on a range of matters, which affect club financial security, environmental and statutory compliance, strategic planning, promotion and other issues.

You and your club has access to the golf services and resource materials provided by Golf SA for rules of golf training and accreditation, course rating, handicapping, amateur status, competition conditions, junior development, adjudication and dispute resolution.

You and your club are kept informed with news and information via the organisation’s website and a range of newsletters, circulars and other distributions

Your club has access to support services such as water management, industry research, forums, conferences and communications.

What Golf SA does for Clubs?

Golf SA works with the key objective of promoting and encouraging the playing and enjoyment of golf. The organisation’s role is to coordinate, communicate and advise rather than control the activities of affiliated clubs and District Golf Associations. Golf SA monitors a range of social, economic, environmental and political forces and issues that exist in our society, and acts to ensure that a favourable climate for golfers and golf clubs is maintained.

The following list provides a summary of just some of the benefits that affiliated clubs and courses obtain from Golf SA.

> Australian Golf Handicap for members
> Australian Course Rating
> Golf Services
> Junior Development
> Golf Competitions
> Industrial Relations, Legal and Other Services for Clubs
> Club Representation
> Communications
> Insurance
> Access to Government Grants

For Clubs:

Affiliation Fees are payable by each Golf SA Member – (Golf SA Constitution Rule 8) as at 1 January annually.


‘A golfer is defined as any individual member of any category of membership of an affiliated golf club that allows that member to play golf. An individual member under 18 years of age as at the stipulated date is deemed a junior golfer. Each golfer is required to pay such a levy or levies at each club that he or she is a member.’


Golf Month: A national membership marketing initiative that is now national started in SA as 'Golf Month' then ‘PlayGolf Week.’ Golf Month now provides a national platform for the sport to market club membership leveraging off national resources.

Club Support Program (Chip In): Golf SA is rolling out ‘Chip In’ to improve the governance, capability, financial performance and sustainability of participating golf clubs. The priority clubs are listed as those that operate 12 months of the year. Clubs that operate six months of the year are being supported to complete the ORS ‘Star Club’ Program that has similar objectives.

On-Line Competition Management System: Entry forms, draws, tee times & results are on-line providing convenience to participants at all levels. No more entry forms & cash entry fees slipped ‘…under the office door…’

Pennant Competition Management System: On-line Pennant Competition Management system that allows clubs to manage their teams without a long paperwork trail and players to see results of matches almost immediately.

More Information

Click here to download "A guide to Golf SA programs & services" brochure (PDF)