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Handicap Questions.

  • What is a golf handicap?

    It is a number assigned to a golfer which reflects their ability or relative ability. Handicaps allow golfers to compete on an equal footing with others. The lower the handicap, the better the player is relative to those with higher handicaps.

  • What is GOLF Link?

    GOLF Link is Golf Australia s computerised handicapping network. The system manages all of Australia&aposs official and CLSGC golfers handicaps.

  • Is the GA Casual handicap the same as an official GA handicap?

    The GA Casual Handicap is calculated in the same way as an official GA Handicap, however there are some differences:

    • An official GA Handicap can only be obtained by being a member of a golf club; the GA Casual Handicap can only be obtained by being a member of the CLSGC.
    • An official GA Handicap is maintained by the member s own club; the GA Casual Handicap is managed by the player.
    • An official GA Handicap will allow you to enter formal competitions; a GA Casual Handicap generally will not.
  • How is a Handicap calculated?

    In simple terms, both a GA Casual Handicap and an official GA Handicap are calculated as follows:

    • Take the best 8 differentials from your most recent 20 scores
    • Divide that number by 8
    • Multiply that number by 0.93

    For more information, click on the following link How to calculate a Handicap

  • How do I get my GA Casual handicap?

    Firstly you must play and enter 3 scores of between 9 and 18 holes. Your first score must be an 18 hole total score or an equivalent 18 hole score. Until you have entered your 3rd score, the system will allocate you a Projected handicap which is easily identified when you enter your 1st and 2nd score. When your 3rd score is entered you will be allocated your Playing handicap. When each game is played and scores are entered, the system will continuously and automatically update your handicap for you.

  • What can I do with my GA Casual Handicap?

    You can use it as a tool to compete against your friends, use it to record every game you play anywhere in the world and track your progress. You may be able to use it to participate in some Club Open Days and other events where they allow social golfers to play. The GA Casual Handicap is not transferable into an official GA Handicap.

  • Can I play in competitions at golf clubs with a GA Casual Handicap?

    You will usually not be permitted to enter formal competitions at most golf clubs as the GA Casual Handicap is not an official GA handicap. Many clubs may however, allow you to play in their field but not in their formal club competitions. It is at each individual club s discretion as to whether they allow players with a GA Casual Handicap to play, so it is always wise to check with the club prior to making a booking.

  • What scores can I enter?

    Any time you play a round of golf anywhere in the world, on a golf course that has a course rating, whether it be with your friends, or in a competition, or by yourself, you may enter the score for handicap purposes. To ensure an accurate GA Casual Handicap you should enter all of your scores not choose the good or bad ones to enter to manipulate your handicap.

  • Can I save my scores without them being included in my handicap?

    Yes you can. If you enter your score without a course rating, this will be recorded and saved but will not go towards your handicap calculations. Also if you only wish to save your score without it contributing to your handicap, you can by pressing Save rather than Submit.

  • So I can play by myself and use those scores?

    Yes you can, but always remember, golf is about honesty and handicaps should reflect honest entry of scores into the system.

  • Do I have to play 18-holes for a score to count?

    Apart from the first round entered which has to be an equivalent to an 18 hole total score, any round of 9-holes or more can be entered. Scores of between 9 and 18 holes can be entered through the hole by hole section. If you don&apost complete 18 holes, the system extrapolates your score out to an 18 hole calculation that your handicap is based on. Unfortunately any rounds of less than 9-holes cannot be used.

  • What is a course rating?

    A course rating is a number, usually the same or one or two shots above or below the par of the course, which indicates the difficulty of the course. Your handicap is based on the course rating. If two courses have a par of 72, and one has a rating of 70 and the other has a rating of 72, the course with a rating of 72 is considered more difficult than the course rated 70.

  • What is the difference between a course rating and the course par?

    A course rating is a number that indicates the difficulty of the course. The course par is the total par of the course regardless of its level of difficulty.

  • If a course does not have a course rating can I estimate what it would be so that i can use the score?

    This is not a precise way to acquire your Golf Australia Casual handicap. You are monitoring your own scores and therefore this is left to your discretion. Usually the course rating does not differ greatly from the course par, unless there are extreme weather or environmental impacts on the course condition and play.

  • Can I cheat and enter the incorrect score for my handicap?

    One of the unique aspects of golf is that in the main it is a self regulated sport, and therefore relies on the honesty of competitors with respect to the Rules and one s handicap. In the spirit of the game and the CLSGC you should enter your correct scores. You would only be cheating yourself if you entered incorrect scores.

  • Can someone else enter my scores for me?

    If you allow someone else to access your personal membership page they can access your handicap and scoring page also, therefore someone else could enter your score if you have provided them with your private details.

  • Can I use scores from overseas courses?

    Yes you can, if the course has a course rating you can enter the course s details and your scores from that course.