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Golf Resources.

Course Ratings.

Can&apost find the course rating for the course you played? Then find it in the documents below (the courses are listed in alphabetical order). The course rating details include the course name, the various course tees and the course rating. If the course you have played is not listed it may be because it does not have a rating, or for some reason has been left off these lists. The course rating is usually found on the score card and may be listed as a Course Rating , Scratch Rating , ACR , AWCR (women’s) or other name or acronym that refers to the golf course rating. The course rating may change from time to time, so if the rating on the scorecard is different from the rating on the CLSGC website, please speak to the golf course about it or contact Golf Australia on 03 9626 5000.

Course Ratings Courses A – D Course Ratings Courses E – H Course Ratings Courses I – M Course Ratings Courses N – R Course Ratings Courses S – V Course Ratings Courses W – Z

CLSGC tips.

Need some guidance through the program. Click on the links below for online tips. If you are still unsure call the Help Desk on 1300 650 750.