Date: August 14, 2014
Author: Golf NT

The USGA Course Rating System is the standard upon which the USGA Handicap System is built. It affects all golfers in the calculation of a Handicap Index. Players "play to their handicaps," when their net scores (gross score- handicap strokes) equal the USGA Course Rating. The relative difficulty of a golf course is determined jointly by Golf Australia and the State golf associations in accordance with the Golf Australia Course Rating Systems. Specially trained Course Rating Teams evaluate the difficulty of a golf course based on such variables as length and a number of obstacle factors.

All affiliated Golf Courses in Australia are currently being re rated under the USGA Course Rating System. This is a work in progress and Clubs will be kept informed of all relevant information as it comes to hand.
Download a Q & A Sheet in relation to the USGA Course Rating System.
Permanent Plates – General Guidelines & Regulations
Downloada Q&A sheet for Clubs Permanent Plates and Daily Tee Markers.

Handicapping Regulation
Handicapping Regulation relating to the requirement to maintain the overall distance of a rated course.

Temporary Course Rating Method for Clubs
View information regarding a Temporary Course Rating here.
View the Q & A with regards to Temporary Course Rating here
Download a Temporary Rating Application Form here
Download a Temporary Climatic Rating Application Form here

Golf NT National Accredited Course Raters are:
Tricia Clarke
Dave Southwell
Peter Hargreaves

For further information on any of the above please contact Golf NT's Rules, Handicapping and Course Rating representative Tricia Clarke at