Date: September 04, 2017

Golf Club – Junior Memberships

Parents and children, it is well known that physical activity is important for healthy growth and development. Active children are likely to become active adults. Encouraging children to participate in club sport can be a gift for life.

Club sports promote regular exercise, which is good for overall health and wellbeing. A fun club environment can also provide the opportunity for all participants to engage with their local community, make new friends and develop new skills and confidence.

Golf is another great way to spend time with the family and friends.

Joining a golf club and participating in their junior programs adds a new dimension to life, as it helps juniors develop valuable life skills such as co-operation, discipline, honesty, respect and tolerance.

Are you thinking about becoming a member of Golf Club?

Below you will find some of the great benefits for juniors joining a club:

• Gives juniors an opportunity to learn golf in a safe and enjoyable environment
• Teaches juniors to take responsibility for their own learning
• Team centred participation during club clinics
• It promotes health and socialisation amongst children
• Become friends with other junior golfers who are also learning the great game of golf
• Play golf socially with friends and competitively in junior competitions run by the club
• Obtain an official Golf Australia Handicap
• Parents can be involved

If you are interested in joining a club, think no further……. and be ready to learn about golf clubs currently offering junior and family membership packages.

For contact details of all affiliated Golf Clubs in South Australia with links to their websites, please click here