Date: May 27, 2014

Competition Golf Rounds Played in Australia Increased by 5.4%

According to new data released by the Australian Golf Industry Council, competition golf rounds played in Australia increased by 5.4% to more than 13.1 million in the 2012-2013 financial year. “More competition rounds of golf have been played than the previous financial year which is good news for golf clubs and the health and growth of our industry,” said Golf Australia CEO and AGIC Chairman Stephen Pitt.

Increasing the Participation of Older Australians in Golf

Data collected by Australian Golf Industry Council member Golf Australia indicates that golf is played regularly by older Australians. Around 64 per cent of these people belong to one of Australia’s some 1,800 golf clubs and the remainder play as green fee players on a range of golf courses. Playing golf on a regular basis can have positive health outcomes for participants both in terms of physical and mental well-being. The Australian Golf Industry Council (AGIC) is seeking $6,000,000 in Government funding to establish and implement a four year program to engage almost 100,000 older Australians in golf. AGIC members will contribute a further $2,200,000 in resources, support and marketing.

AGIC Rounds Report September 2012

One of the Australian Golf Industry Council’s (AGIC) strategic focus areas is industry research. Acknowledging that rounds played are the true test of the health of the industry, we are pleased to present this report and share with you a detailed review of competition rounds played over the past three years.

The Australian Golf Industry economic report: 2010

The report, which is now available through the AGCSA website or by clicking on the link below, shows that the Australian golf industry continues to make a significant contribution to the Australian economy – some $2.9 billion – and creates full-time employment for over 23,000 people. The report, when compared with other Australian sports, indicates that the Australian golf industry is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, competitive participant sport within Australia based both on participation levels and also its economic contribution.

AGIC Rounds Report – December 09

In July 2009 the AGIC began collecting monthly rounds data from golf facilities around the country. This important research project will provide valuable information to individual clubs and the industry as a whole on number of rounds being played and the impact of key industry initiatives, such as the recent visit to Australia by Tiger Woods.

Research Report

This snapshot of the Australian Golf Industry report provides a "quick reference" summary of the key statistics from various industry and consumer research reports which have been released over recent years

Water and the Australian Golf Industry

This document was launched at the 2007 AGIC Industry Forum and the information is still current. It provides key information on the size and importance of the Australian Golf Industry; water usage patterns across the industry; the importance of clubs developing a formal water management plan; and key messages for governments and water authorities.

The PGA Report

This key industry report details the size of the Australian Golf Industry and its economic contribution to the Australian economy