Date: June 28, 2016

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Volunteers are essential for the smooth running of the Isuzu Queensland Open and Golf Queensland are looking for friendly, respectful, open and knowledgeable people, for a variety of roles outside of the ropes. With your help we believe we can make this Open the most successful ever.

Volunteer positions

On-course scorers (Thursday & Friday)
An on-course scorer is allocated to a specific hole which is positioned near selected greens. Upon reporting for duty, each scorer is allocated a PDA (similar to a smartphone) and a scoring sheet of players.

Walking scorers (Saturday & Sunday)
A walking scorer is allocated to each group on Saturday and Sunday. Each scorer will be allocated a PDA and scoring sheet of players, and will record scores for each player upon completion of each hole.

Fixed leaderboard operators
The Isuzu Queensland Open will feature a major fixed scoreboard. The scoreboard will contain the names of all competing players set out in alphabetical order. There will be one main leaderboard located near the clubhouse at The Brisbane Golf Club and a smaller leaderboard will be positioned at another location on course.

Car park attendants
Responsible for traffic flow around The Brisbane Golf Club, and designated car parks. The attendant will also be responsible for monitoring spectator numbers.

On-course drink supplies
Responsible for set-up, distribution, and clean-up of players’ drinks stations situated on course.

Clubhouse scorecard check
From 11am each day, 2 volunteers are required to check each group’s scorecards, confirm the scores, relay to the leaderboard attendees, and return to the PGA Tournament Director.

Roaming leaderboard (Saturday & Sunday)
The leading two groups on Saturday and Sunday will each be assigned a carry board attached to a motorised buggy, to display the progress score to par for each player in the group.

Ball spotters on selected holes
On some holes, where landing zones are difficult to see and/or where spectators may inadvertently stray into the line of play, Golf Queensland allocates ‘spotters’ to monitor strokes played by competitors (especially tee shots).