Date: March 14, 2017
Author: Dave Tease

27 years is no Small feat for Kevin

Kevin Small has some sound advice for anyone out there aspiring to sit on their Golf Club’s Board.

“Listen to what the members want. Listen to what they ask you because if you don’t listen to them, they will soon punish you,”

“It’s crucial you listen to what they have to say,”

Mr Small, who has been a member of the Committee at Leonay Golf Club for 27 years, including the past 22 as Club President, has decided to call it a day.  During his time in charge he’s pretty much seen and done it all around the place, from handicapping new members to working with the club’s juniors. He loves getting involved in the day-to-day tasks that are essential to the smooth operation of the club for its members.

“It’s the enjoyment of it all, getting everything organised for the members, and getting the satisfaction of seeing it done properly,” he smiled. “Like today, we have a vets comp on, and about 60 playing. I know that once they turn up, everything is done, it’s organised, they come into pay, and away they go.”

Mr Small’s introduction to the sport came by chance after being asked by his brother to come and have a hit with a social club.

“My brother played with a social golf club, and he asked if I wanted a game. Before long, I ended up joining here,” he smiled.

It wasn’t too long before Mr Small got sounded out about his interest in taking up a role on the club’s committee.

“A mate of mine was on the committee here, and he asked me if I wanted to join the board as there was a space available.

“I said ‘yeah alright’, and 27 years later I was still doing it,” he laughed.

The recently retired 66-year-old who worked as a guillotine operator said his job allowed him to commit plenty of time to his role at the club. He would often head there to take care of things daily. “My job allowed me to do it; I was a shift worker. I’d start at three, and finish at 12,”

These days, you’ll find him working in the club’s Pro-Shop. “I’ve retired, and I work in the Pro Shop here now,”

Despite spending so much time around the club, Mr Small hasn’t played as much golf as he would have liked. Surgery to repair a couple of long-term injuries has kept him from the course.

“I’ve only played about four games in five years, I've just had some major surgery. I was off seven, but I’ve just been put out to 12,”

Mr Small is hoping to get a bit more golf in now he has retired from the board, and with a little bit of luck, he will do some travelling with his wife of 45 years, Inga.

“I was a little bit apprehensive, a little bit unsure, but I felt it was time. We can have a break and go away on holiday,” he smiled.