Date: August 09, 2019
Author: Christian Puccini

7 SA Golf Clubs receive ORS Grants

The latest allocation of funds (Round 47) under the Office for Recreation and Sport – Active Club Program has been announced.

A total of $2,280,000 was available in SA to active recreation and sports clubs, with golf receiving 4.5% of the funding.

Golf Australia congratulates the following seven golf clubs who have been granted combined total funding of $102,250 to assist with facility upgrade requests and program and equipment.

Barmera Golf Club– Solar Panel Funding, $22,500

Barmera Golf Club– Program & Equipment Funding, $5,000

Kadina Golf Club – Program & Equipment Funding, $5,000

Mannum Golf Club – Program & Equipment Funding, $5,000

Mawson Lakes Golf Club – Irrigation Upgrade, $25,000

Mawson Lakes Golf Club – Program & Equipment Funding, $5,000

Moonta Golf Club – Program & Equipment Funding, $5,000

The Clare Golf Club – Program & Equipment Funding, $5,000

Tintinara Golf Club – Solar Installation Funding, $24,750


Applications are now open for the following grant:

Round 48 – Programs and Equipment up to and including $5,000

2019/20 (Round 48) Opens – 7 August 2019

2019/20 (Round 48) Closes – 25 September 2019

Expected notification – after 20 December 2019


About the program

The Active Club Program has two funding rounds per year:

  1. facility upgrade requests up to $25,000 (Round 47 only)
  2. program and equipment up to and including $5,000 (Round 47 and Round 48)

The objective of the Active Club Program (ACP) is to provide funding support to active recreation and sport clubs to further develop the programs and services they provide within the community.

The budget for 2019-20 ACP is $3,150,000. A notional allocation of $50,000 is available for each of the 47 electorates per year, divided over two funding rounds.

For 2019-20 they are Rounds 47 and 48. $40,000 is notionally available per electorate in Round 47, with $30,000 of the notional amount available for facility applications and the remaining $10,000 available for program and equipment funding. $10,000 per electorate is available this round (Round 48) for program and equipment funding only.

$957,519 is available for Round 48.