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Adam Scott Press Conference Transcript

ADAM SCOTT HAMISH JONES: Adam, thank you very much for joining us. What&aposs left to be said that can be said after the last few weeks? ADAM SCOTT: You tell me. [LAUGHS] Obviously I&aposm excited about this week with the chance to win the triple crown of Australian golf like Robert did a few years back; so a lot on the line and a lot to play for. I&aposm certainly looking forward to having a go at it this week. The course is looking good and the competition is tough here this week. I think it will be a well earned victory for whoever ends up on top. HAMISH JONES: How was it out there this morning? ADAM SCOTT: This morning was beautiful, the course is in great shape; just how I remembered it. I think you&aposre just going to have to play good solid golf around this track. It&aposs got its defences in some of the greens and it&aposs very narrow, you&aposve got to be precise off the tee to give yourself a good look at attacking the course. Q. Adam how did you play today? Someone out on the course was saying you had quite a lot of birdies. The second part is have you crossed paths with Robert Allenby at all since you&aposve been here and has there been any old fashioned Australian sledging going on? ADAM SCOTT: I&aposll leave the sledging to the cricketers. I played okay this morning and I did roll a few putts in on the back nine, so I probably had my fair share of birdies, which was good. To see a few going in in the Pro-Am is never a bad thing I think. It kind of sets the tone for the week. I caught up with Rob last night at the function and asked for some advice on how to go about it, but he didn&apost offer any up [LAUGHS]. I&aposm left to my own devices this week. Q. Adam, remember me? ADAM SCOTT: Who are you? Q. Congratulations, a terrific win mate. You made us all proud. ADAM SCOTT: Thank you; nice to see you Pete. Q. Number one, on the course out there, how many times will you use driver here? ADAM SCOTT: It&aposs probably a day to day thing on how you feel. There are a couple of holes where you have the option to maybe force it up there a little bit and of course the first hole, depending on the wind, could be a driver. You could lay off, you could hit a three wood. I think I probably used it five or six times out there, the par 5s and then a couple of other holes. Q. What did you use off one? ADAM SCOTT: Well this morning I hit driver. Q. Driver was it? ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, there was just no wind and still 280 yards to the front of the green, I need a driver. Q. Number two of three and then I&aposll shut up. Has the green jacket had an outing this week in Sydney? I know you weren&apost wearing it last night, but has it had an outing in Sydney anywhere this week? ADAM SCOTT: No it hasn&apost, it&aposs stayed in the room so far, but I&aposm pretty sure it&aposll make a trip out here to the course at least one of the days. I think there&aposs a function on Saturday night I&aposll be wearing it to. Q. Lastly from me, for the moment anyway, fatigue. Is there any mental fatigue, physical fatigue after the three weeks straight? ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, look at the end of last week I was tired and I was tired the last couple of days but I rested. That&aposs how you have to balance a schedule when you&aposre playing a little more than usual and I kind of had that in mind, knowing that I was playing four weeks. I&aposve taken the days off where I can in the schedule. So today I feel good, kind of energised to get in. It&aposs the Australian Open; it&aposs the last week of the year for me, I want to finish big. So I think overnight I&aposve found a bit of energy and it was nice getting out on the course again this morning. Q. Adam, obviously in the media there&aposs been a lot of talk about the triple crown; where would that rank for you in terms of career achievements? ADAM SCOTT: I don&apost know because I haven&apost really thought about it that much because it hasn&apost happened and I probably wouldn&apost give it much thought until it does. It&aposs something that only one person has ever done in Australia. It&aposs not something that happens very often. I&aposd have to think it&aposs a pretty great milestone for an Australian golfer to win all three events down here. What Robert was able to do was remarkable. Greg Chalmers had a shot at it a couple of years ago. I&aposll be giving it my best and hopefully you can ask me Sunday night and I can tell you where I reckon it ranks. Q. Adam you&aposve been so open about taking on Tiger Woods for his number one ranking, no doubt he&aposs heard about that, do you think he&aposs getting fired up somewhere or might he give you a dirty look the next time he sees you? ADAM SCOTT: I don&apost think so; I don&apost think I&aposve been really taking it to him. It&aposs been a dream of mine, like it&aposs a dream of every other kid&aposs to be number one and I&aposm as close as I&aposve ever been. I&aposm not going to stop dreaming of it just because Tiger Woods holds the number one spot. But we all know how difficult it is to surpass him. Only a few people have done it in the last 15 years and I&aposve got my work cut out for me the whole of next year in trying to do that. But Tiger won&apost want to give up that number one spot very easy either, so he&aposll be off working on it. Like you said, it doesn&apost take much to motivate him to want to put someone back in their place. Q. Today you were signing so many autographs and posing for so many photos and it&aposs only Pro-Am day. Peter Senior said there&aposs a real buzz in Australian golf he hasn&apost seen since Greg Norman was world number one. You must be pretty proud of that? ADAM SCOTT: It&aposs really pleasing to see so many people coming out to the golf the last month. I expected a little bit at the Gold Coast because I was playing at home for the first time since winning the Masters and there was a real buzz there. But then to see it continue in Melbourne the last couple of weeks and it&aposs been fun for me because I&aposve won two of the events. Then when Jason came back and won last week and Australia won the World Cup for the first time since the late eighties maybe, I think there really is a good buzz going around the golf at the moment. We&aposve got a lot of momentum and it&aposs fun for me to see so many kids out there wanting to watch practice rounds and Pro-Ams and tournament rounds. It&aposs been a lot of fun for me coming home this year. I&aposve got a pretty good sense of feeling how excited everyone was back in April when I won the Masters. That&aposs an incredible feeling for me to come home and kind of see how much everyone supports us when we&aposre away all year. It&aposs a very nice feeling to come home to that. Q. Adam, nearing the end of your year and perhaps time for a bit of reflection. Can you crystallise at all a reason or two behind the success of 2013? ADAM SCOTT: I think it&aposs kind of the culmination of a lot of work in the right direction in the last few years. That&aposs really about how I see it. I think I&aposve been working on all the right things, putting the pieces of the puzzle together, which can be quite complex at times and then simple at others. I think I&aposve got the balance of everything in golf right at the moment. I&aposm working on the right things and I&aposm working hard at it. I think those kinds of combinations result in you playing well. The tough part is to keep that going, to always keep that balance. That&aposs what I&aposll be looking to do as I move into next year as well. Q. Adam, Robert may not be giving you any advice but he said on Sunday that what you had to do was ride your momentum that you&aposve got the last few weeks. Obviously if you want to get to number one in the world you&aposre going to have to win multiple times and ride momentum in the same way. How much have you learned about doing that in the last few weeks? ADAM SCOTT: I think I&aposm always learning things all the time. Winning the PGA and the Australian Masters was the first time ever in my career I&aposd won back to back weeks, so I sat back after that and learned a lot. Then I didn&apost ride it well enough obviously at the first round of the World Cup [LAUGHS]. I&aposm constantly learning and trying to figure out how to handle different and new situations that you face playing this game all the time. But it&aposs something I&aposll learn. I&aposll try and ride that momentum this week, absolutely. I&aposm playing well, I shouldn&apost be afraid to attack the course when I&aposm in the fairway and take my chances because I feel like I&aposm swinging well, my game&aposs in good shape. I&aposve got to take advantage of that and I think that&aposs kind of what Robert&aposs getting at, is when you&aposre playing well you need to take advantage of it because it can turn around so quickly. &apos Q. Adam what will you take out of the pairing with Jason Day and with Kevin Streelman? It&aposs almost like a week later than it might have been. ADAM SCOTT: I get my wish; I get to play with Jas this week. That will be good because he&aposs obviously in good form and it&aposs always nice to play with guys playing well, you can feed off them and they can make your game lift as well if you&aposre not quite there. Nice to see Kevin staying down and playing this week; he&aposs obviously enjoying his time down here and I think we&aposre showing him a good time at Royal Melbourne and Royal Sydney. He can go back to America and tell them all the good things about our golf courses. It should be a fun couple of days, but it&aposs a very nice pairing for me and hopefully plenty of people out there watching. Q. Adam, just as a follow up to Stoney&aposs question about the green jacket. Is there one place where you want to wear the green jacket before you&aposre not allowed to wear it outside Augusta? Is there a special place or special person you want to wear it in front of or something? ADAM SCOTT: I think I&aposd like to take it around to all the people who have contributed to my career in a way. Last week I got the chance, my godfather was in Melbourne and he met me at the hotel room, I came out with it on and he was blown away. For a golfer and anyone who&aposs been part of my career – I got to see Charlie Earp one night on the Gold Coast with it and he was a big part of my career. I&aposd like to go to Royal Queensland in it; all these things. I don&apost know if there&aposs going to be time to do it all but we can try. Part of it was wanting to just kind of share it with as many people as I can, not just people who&aposve had an involvement with my game. Signing some autographs on the Gold Coast and that was important I thought. Q. Can I just ask one other question for my Irish papers? Are you surprised that Rory McIlroy hasn&apost wont this year? ADAM SCOTT: Yes I am. He had such a great year last year, I would have thought he would have won this year but it&aposs just like we said, the game turns around so quick and you&aposre hot and you&aposre cold, and he&aposll be hot again in no time, that&aposs for sure. But it&aposs surprising, but the year&aposs not over for Rory. [LAUGHS] He could get two wins before his year&aposs over. Q. Adam, yesterday Jason Day was asked who&aposd win the battle of the drives out of you two over the first day days and he said you were looking actually pretty good, looking pretty fit and he said you&aposd beat him because of that? Do you agree with that? ADAM SCOTT: [LAUGHS] I&aposm not sure, I think his youth has got me covered. I&aposm just trying to hang in there with the younger guys these days. Jason and Rory give it a mighty bash. But I don&apost think we&aposre going to get into too many driving contests [LAUGHS] this week. I&aposm just going to try and get it in the hole in as few shots as possible. Q. Adam, playing with Jason for Australia last week, did that give you a taste of what it might be like to play for Australia at the Olympics and have you given much thought to that yet? ADAM SCOTT: Not really, I don&apost think it did. I feel like I represent Australia every week I&aposm overseas, is how I feel and that&aposs how I&aposve felt my whole career. I don&apost think they had the format right to make it really feel like a team event last week. I would have liked to have played in the group with Jason, that would have been nice, but still, we were there to represent Australia and get the job done and win the World Cup, and we did. That&aposs a proud moment for me and I said all last week I think at some point Jason and I will look back on that as a really fond memory of our career, but it would have been even better if we&aposd spent four days playing with each other. Q. [INAUDIBLE] ADAM SCOTT: No I haven&apost, too far away. Q. Adam, the US Masters victory, will that unlock a different style of confidence going into Majors next year and beyond? Do you have any goals with regards to the number of Majors you want to win or anything like that? ADAM SCOTT: Two at the moment I&aposd like to win. [LAUGHS] I&aposd like to get another one. Absolutely, it was a great feeling going to the US Open being a Major champion but I still hadn&apost won the US Open, so I still had the nerves and desire to win that tournament. As much as the pressure&aposs off, you can put the pressure on yourself as well, that you know you can win and you expect yourself to win one. So, like I said, you&aposve got to balance all that kind of stuff to be able to play to your potential and I think at the moment I&aposm doing a good job of that. I can&apost put a number on it. I&aposd love to win 20 but at the moment I&aposm looking for number two and that&aposs going to be in April in the Masters and that&aposs where my focus will be when I start next year. Q. Adam, you mentioned earlier that this is your last event of the year. When will we see you again? Will it be Kapalua? ADAM SCOTT: Yep, I&aposm going to play Kapalua at the Tournament of Champions and and then the event the week after to start next year and then after that I&aposm undecided. HAMISH JONES: Any further questions? Okay, thank you very much Adam. Good luck this week. ADAM SCOTT: Thank you.