Date: November 30, 2013
Author: Golf Australia

Adam Scott Round 3 Press Conference Transcript

ADAM SCOTT HAMISH JONES: Adam a positive note to finish on this afternoon and a four shot lead going into tomorrow. How do you feel? ADAM SCOTT: It&aposs an exciting position to be in. Obviously a great chance to win my national championship tomorrow and then also win the three events down here; which is an unbelievable spot to be in. If you&aposd told me a month ago, I wouldn&apost have believed you. One round away but a lot can happen. It&aposs a phenomenon behind me playing as well, so I&aposm sure he&aposs going to throw plenty at me tomorrow. It&aposs going to be an exciting day. I&aposm going to have to do a couple of things better than I did today I think but as long as the eye stays in with the putter I think I should be able to hang on. Q. Adam, you just didn&apost quite look like you had your swing together today or something, you missed a lot of fairways and that. Did you feel that you didn&apost play that great, apart from scoring quite well? ADAM SCOTT: Yeah that&aposs pretty accurate. I mean, it&aposs felt that way the whole week. Obviously there are some good shots but missed a lot of fairways with the driver today, which is a bit uncharacteristic; not really quite sure yet, I haven&apost thought about it, so I haven&apost put my finger on exactly what it is, but I&aposll have to figure that out before tomorrow. Like I said, I think for tomorrow to go smoothly I&aposm going to have to take some of the pressure off – chipping out and punching out from under trees is not how you win golf tournaments on the Sunday. You need to be pretty solid and make it as easy as possible. If I can get the driver sorted a little before tomorrow; then I&aposll feel pretty comfortable going to the first tee. Q. Adam, how important was that last hole to make your putt and for him to miss his in terms of momentum heading into tomorrow? ADAM SCOTT: Well I had to make mine because I believed he would make his. If it went the other way and I missed and he made, it&aposs two shots and that&aposs nothing. That can be gone on the first green tomorrow. Four shots is a slightly better buffer. It doesn&apost mean that it can&apost disappear quickly but it means they&aposve got to do something to eat into the lead. So for me to make it was huge and then obviously a little bit of extra buffer by him missing and maybe I&aposll sleep a little easier tonight because of it. Q. Adam, can you talk us through briefly what it was like playing in front of those sorts of crowds today again? ADAM SCOTT: It&aposs just been fantastic. I can&apost believe this week how many people have come out and to see everyone so excited to watch Rory and I play today. They should be, all the golf fans have been waiting probably since he was a teenager [LAUGHS] to see him play and the amount he&aposs accomplished since; deserves those kinds of crowds. I think it&aposs been an incredible month for Australian golf, to see the enthusiasm about the game at the moment and positive signs moving forward, hopefully the same happens tomorrow and we have a great atmosphere out there to play in. Q. Adam, you said at the start that they&aposd be kidding if they told you you were in this position to win the triple crown today. Why did you feel that way after such a great year? ADAM SCOTT: Well, before this month started I hadn&apost won two tournaments in a row, ever. So there were no facts to back up that it would be a certainty that I would be sitting here in this position. To have this opportunity is a bit unreal. I talked about the possibility of it because Robert has done it. But it&aposs a lot of golf to play well. It&aposs great to see. It&aposs just a confidence thing for me, just keep building the confidence and to be putting myself in this position week after week, keeps confirming to me I&aposm on the right track with what I&aposm doing with my game and to finish it off tomorrow would be an incredible way to end the year. It would be sad if I didn&apost finish it off tomorrow [LAUGHS]. A sad way to end an incredible year [LAUGHS]. HAMISH JONES: Adam, all the best for tomorrow. Thank you very much.