Date: December 06, 2007

Allenby tells National Squad, “Think High, Think Big”

Australian golfing great Robert Allenby continues to make a contribution to the game, on and off the fairways. The 12-time Australasian PGA Tour event winner has been spending time at home with friends and family, but took the time to meet and address Golf Australia&aposs National Squad during a training camp at Moonah Links this week. The presence of one of the nation&aposs most prominent golfers no doubt acted as inspiration for the 11 young men who have their eyes firmly set on a professional career. Golf Australia&aposs Director of Elite Development, Peter Knight said, “It was a rare treat to have Robert come along and chat to the guys. “It&aposs not every day you have someone with his credentials available for an intimate, informal talk with Australia&aposs stars of tomorrow. It was a unique experience and I&aposm sure that these guys won&apost be forgetting it for a long time.” The National Squad has been in camp on Victoria&aposs Mornington Peninsula preparing for the rigorous 2008 national schedule. The new program is an integral part of a series of camps to be conducted annually as part of the new AIS Golf Program and Golf Australia initiative driven by Peter Knight and Mark Holland, AIS Head Coach. Allenby&aposs appearance at the camp had a visible effect on the group who listened with intent to everything the former Australian Triple Crown winner had to say. He discussed his amateur days, his practice techniques and told the squad they should make the most of having access to the best coaches and practice facilities in the country. Another key point Allenby touched upon, which is particularly vital for a crop of talented young golfers, was how to cope with pressure. The 20-time professional tour winner is one of the best in the business to provide this advice given his 10-0 playoff record. “When you are under the gun it is your practice routine that will stand up under pressure. “Whatever your routine is, it has to be the same every time. This is what makes you feel comfortable when you are under intense pressure.” Allenby also stressed the importance of &apospracticing like a pro&apos, knowing where you need improvement and writing down your goals but his underlying message was for the squad to “Think high, think big” as they prepare to chase their golfing dreams on to the professional stage.