Date: May 01, 2014

ALPG New Member

The process of obtaining a membership with ALPG are as outlined below:

  • Read and ensure that all eligibility criteria are met
  • Complete the application form and submit it to ALPG for approval
  • Upon receipt of entry, ALPG will advise outcome and payment procedures
  • Successful applicants will be given a login to ALPG's members area to access membership information and direct updates from ALPG

ALPG Membership (Professionals, residents of Australia or New Zealand)

(As applied to 2014-15 Membership)

Any female golfer who meets the following criteria at the time of application may apply for ‘Probationary Membership’ of Australian Ladies Professional Golf Inc.:

1. Female at birth;


I. Has undergone sex reassignment (male to female) subject to the following conditions:
a. Individuals who have undergone sex reassignment of male to female after puberty shall be regarded as girls and women (female);
b. Individuals who have undergone sex reassignment from male to female after puberty shall be eligible for consideration for membership under the following conditions:
c. Surgical anatomical changes have been completed, including external genitalia changes and gonadectomy;
d. Legal recognition of their assigned sex has been conferred by the appropriate official authorities;
e. Hormonal therapies appropriate for the assigned sex have been administered in a verifiable manner and for sufficient length of time to minimise gender-related advantages in sport competitions;
f. Eligibility may begin no sooner than two years after gonadectomy.

II. A confidential case-by-case evaluation will occur in all cases of sex reassignment and supporting official documentation will be required. In the event that the gender of an applicant is questioned, the medical delegate (or equivalent) as nominated by the ALPG Board shall have the authority to take all appropriate measures for the determination of the gender of the applicant.

2. I. Citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand;

II. Golf Australia women’s handicap of Scratch (0) or less;
Equivalent handicap verification by a recognised amateur body (e.g. New Zealand Golf, USGA / LGU);
Verified Full playing member status of another recognised ladies professional golf organisation (e.g. LPGA, JLPGA, LET, KLPGA, China LPGA, Taiwan LPGA, Symetra Futures Tour);

III. Nomination by 2 (two) full members of ALPG;

IV. Payment of ALPG joining fee, $550.00 (incl. GST), plus, annual membership subscription of $363.00 (incl. GST).
(Both amounts are payable on notification of membership approval).

3.Applicants between the ages of 16 and 18 who meet all other entry requirements at the time may be granted special permission to apply to for ALPG Probationary membership by satisfactorily demonstrating to the Executive Director and the ALPG Executive Board their capacity to assume professional and financial responsibilities required of all Tour Members. Should they be successful and subject always to any legal requirements imposed from time to time; any under-18 applicant will be required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times until their 18th birthday; for the avoidance of doubt such under-18 applicant will not be allowed to play if she is not accompanied at any Tournament site by her parent or authorized guardian.


ALPG International Membership (Non-Residents of Australia and New Zealand)

Any female golfer who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand and is eligible under the terms and conditions as specified from time to time in the Association’s By-Laws,

(outlined herewith) shall be welcome to submit an application for International Membership of Australian Ladies Professional Golf. Note: (International members are not eligible to stand for election to the Board or vote on any Association matters).

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for International Membership of Australian Ladies Professional Golf, the applicant:
1. Shall be a member of a *recognised Ladies Professional Golf Organisation; (excluding ALPG Tour)
2. Shall agree to be bound by the By-Laws and Member Regulations of Australian Ladies Professional Golf Incorporated, whilst competing in all ALPG Tour events which she has entered, or qualified for, as an International Member of the ALPG Tour;
3. Shall, upon successful application, pay the annual membership fee.

For 2014 – any Non-ALPG member whose entry is accepted for an ALPG Tour event, and who elects NOT to join the ALPG under the International Membership Category, will be required to pay a Non-Member / Administrative Fee of $110.00 (including GST) Such players shall not be eligible for the benefits afforded International Members, and in the case of limited field events, will have low priority entry status.

This applies to ALPG Tour stand alone events – and does not include co-sanctioned events.

Visa requirements for entry and play to earn money privileges in Australia:

Depending on your country of origin, most players would enter via the ETA (Business Entrant) Short Stay or Long Stay visa (depends on how long you intend to stay in Australia).

Further information can be found on:

ALPG heavily advises that you speak to the Australian Consulate in your residing countries to check on your eligibility and visa requirements if this is your first time entry into the country.

Should you wish to apply for any of the above category of membership, please complete the relevant application form below and submit it to Jennifer Johnson at