Date: February 23, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Amy Wang – Sunday transcript

Q: So close, what are your emotions right now?

A: “Honestly, yes I’m a little disappointed because I misread two short putts that I should have made; 15th and 17th. I just misread it, I didn’t read it high enough, but oh well, what can I do, more practise.”

Q: Your putt on 10 when you resumed. Can you believe that missed?

A: “I thought it was going in but on the way to the hole, I could feel that maybe I read it a little less. It was pretty close, it would be great if I made the putt but I was happy with the birdie.”

Q: “Are you proud with the way you played this week?

A: “Yeah, I think I played really good this week. I’ve been hitting the ball solid and had good speed on the green. It’s a tough golf course, it gave me so much stress but I also at the same time enjoyed it so much.”

Q: You love being back in Australia?

A: “Yeah, it’s comfortable here, it’s nice here.”

Q: Did you feel like the rain delay had any impact on your game?

A: “No, not really, it was short and I went back to the player lounge and had a nice talk with other players. It was a good relax time.”

Q: It sets you up for a good year.

A: “Yeah, I’m looking forward to this season. I’m really excited about it.”