Date: September 27, 2017
Author: Golf Australia

An interview with Odette Yen regarding Fuel Tax Credits

Q.  Thanks for your time Odette.  Can you tell me what Fuel Tax Credits are and how they originated?
A.  Fuel Tax Credits are a Federal Government rebate/Credit available to GST registered ABN holders who use fuel in certain criteria in that business. Fuel Tax Credits are claimed through the BAS system.

Q.  How many golf clubs have you assisted in retrieving FTC’s?
A.  Over 120 clubs Australia wide

Q.  How far back can they be claimed?

Q.  What are the sorts of values that you have been able to claim back?
A.  This is a difficult question because of the varying size of the clubs – Lord Howe Island Golf Club is not comparable to Huntingdale Golf Club.  However, many of the clubs received back claims in excess of $10,000 and in some exceptional circumstances in excess of $60,000.

We have found that whatever amount of refund we have been able to gain for individual clubs has brought a similar scale of benefits to each club. The roofing of an outdoor dining area to one small club is similar to the purchase of new tractors for a larger club.

In several instances, the initial refund has enabled the club to remain viable. We worked with many Queensland clubs during the very wet years of 2011/12 when there was little or no golf course income and the refund of Fuel Tax Credits was a very timely injection of funds.

Q.  Of the successful claim, how much stays with the club and how much covers your costs?
A.  HPL Group works on a No Credit – No Fee basis. We have an agreed rate of 18.5% + GST of  the claim which we use for all golf clubs Australia- wide for the first claim. Should we do additional future claims then the rate drops to 16% +GST. HPL Group charges no other fees such as travelling/ accommodation costs.

Q.  What records are needed in order to claim the FTC’s?
A.  The ATO require fuel purchase invoices to substantiate any claim so we do collect these at the time of the claim. Lists of plant items and club vehicles is also required so that we can calculate the relevant fuel usages.

Q. Do you visit the clubs in person or do they send you the details?
A.  We are happy to travel to visit the clubs, however many clubs are able to send us the required information either electronically or vial snail mail. We are often able to retrieve fuel purchase information from local wholesalers on behalf of the clubs.

All original documentation is copied at our office and then returned to the club to be held in their records.

Q.  How long does the claim process typically take?
A.  Claims can be completed within one week from first contact. However, the size of the club varies the size of the claim. The timing is highly dependent upon the availability of records. This is where the expertise of the HPL Group can assist clubs in recovering/resourcing records from suppliers and calculating relevant fuel usage within the club.

The refund of the Fuel Tax Credits is then lodged on the next available BAS or may even be taken up in the revision of a previously lodged BAS.

Q.  What is the best way for clubs to get in touch with you and do you cover all sized clubs in all areas?
A.  HPL Group would be pleased to provide our services to every club Australia-wide regardless of club size or location – as every $ matters to each and every of those clubs.

HPL Group will also undertake the resolution of any Australian Taxation Office (ATO) query in this matter on behalf of any club claim calculated by HPL Group at no additional cost to that club. HPL Group has a good working relationship with the ATO as we have been operating in this area of Indirect Taxation for over 30 years. HPL Group have not had a claim rejected by the ATO in all those years.

A phone call to our office on 02 46 555565 any day of the week or an email to will ensure a quick response and our best service.