Date: November 08, 2013
Author: Christian Puccini / Golf SA


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – BOARD ELECTIONS The 5th Annual General Meeting of Golf SA was held on Sunday 27th October 2013 at the North Adelaide Golf Course. As a result of the elections for the Board William (Bill) Klaebe (Clare Golf Club) and Tony Bourne (The Grange Golf Club) were re-elected to the Board for further three year terms. Tony Timmins (Kooyonga Golf Club) who was appointed to fill a Casual Vacancy in November 2012 was elected to the Board. In accordance with Rule 6.1 (b) the Board will now elect one Presidential member who will also act as Chair of the Board at the first meeting of the Board after the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting also reappointed the firm of BDO SA of Level 7, BDO Centre, 420 King William Street, Adelaide as Golf SA Auditors. Chris Luz-Raymond CEO For 2012/2013 Annual Report – Click here