Date: May 22, 2018
Author: Brian Nesbitt

Answers to rules quiz – Autumn 2018

Answers to Level 1 Quiz – Rule Numbers

1.         Water Hazards

2.         Obstructions

3.         Ball Assisting or Interfering with Play

4.         Lifting, Dropping and Placing; Playing from Wrong Place

5.         Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped

6.         Striking the Ball

7.         Searching for and Identifying Ball

8.         Order of play

9.         Advice; Indicating Line of Play

10.       The Player


Answers to Level 1 Quiz using Rule Book

1.         Rule 7-2

2.         Rule 8-1

3.         Rule  13-4

4.         Rule  13-2

5.         Rule  16-2

6.         Rule  15-3

7.         Rule  18-2

8.         Rule  20-5

9.         Rule  20-7

10.       Appendix 1, Part A, Local Rules 4 Obstructions



Decision Book Answers

1. Decision 13/2.  No.  Grass covered ground within a bunker is not part of the bunker.  The same principle applies to a tree.  The margin of a bunker does not extend upwards.             

2. Decision 15/1.  Since the player made a stroke with a wrong ball, they lost the hole in match play (Rule 15-3a) or incurred a two-stroke penalty in stroke play (Rule 15-3b).                             

3. Decision 22/1.  A player may, under Rule 22-2, have another ball lifted if the ball interferes either physically or mentally with his play.                                                                         

4. Decision 28/1.  Yes, a player may proceed under the stroke and distance option (Rule 28a) without finding his ball.  However, since Rules 28b and 28c require reference to where the ball lay, the player must find and identify his ball in order to proceed under either of these options.

5. Decision 15-3b/1. As it was virtually certain that B played A’s ball, A must place another ball at the spot from which B played the wrong ball, without penalty – Rule 15-3b.

6. Decision 18-2/33. Yes, one stroke for touching the ball other than as provided for in the rules (Rule 18-2).

7. Decision 10/1.  The order of play is determined by the relative positions of the balls before relief is taken.  A should play before B – see Note to Rules 10-1b and 10-2b.           

8. Decision 13-4/1.Yes. Since the ball was not in or touching the bunker, Rule 13-4 does not apply.  However, the player may ground his club only lightly – see Rule 13-2.

9. Decision 13-2/2. Yes.  Rule 13-2 permits eliminating irregularities of surface on the teeing ground, whether or not the ball is in play.

10. Decision 25/4. No.  Water visible through undue effort with the feet is not casual water – see Definition of “Casual Water”.