Date: February 21, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Ariya Jutanugarn – Saturday transcript

Q: You must be really happy with how you are playing.

A: “Today the course was really, really firm. It’s really hard to approach and today I hit my tee shots pretty but I missed a lot of short putts.”

Q: Do you like this golf course?

A: “First time I saw this golf course, I felt like its really hard, really challenging. My game plan is be patient and not hit driver and go for it on every hole.

Q: Does this remind you of any other course that you play?

A: “I think it’s a bit like a British Open.”

Q: We saw you play a couple of tee shots and the approach into 18 where your hand came off the club. Is that something that happens because you have a sore hand?

A: “Some shots I pulled to the left, so that’s why.”

Q: You said how difficult it is. Did you play Pinehurst last year?

A: “I didn’t play Pinehurst but I watched my sister (Moriya) play and my sister told me it’s pretty similar with this course, maybe that one is a little bit harder but this one is still really hard.”

Q: Is it true that this course doesn’t really suit you because you have to stay patient?

A: “It’s really challenging for me because normally I go for it every hole, every shot, but the first time I saw this course, I felt like I can’t play this course because I have to be really patient and only hit 18 degree (hybrid) on the tee shot or three-wood, 21 degree (hybrid).”

Q: Can you learn to be patient?

A: “Sure. After the first round I learned a lot from this golf course. It’s pretty hard to putt, everything is pretty hard on this golf course.”

Q: You’ve had some close calls in big tournaments on the LPGA. Are you feeling nervous or excited ahead of tomorrow?

A: “I’ve had the chance to be the leader before, but my plan is to do my best, whatever happens just take it.”