Date: July 03, 2008

ASC women’s golf survey winner

The Australian Sports Commission recently conducted a survey to help shape the future of women&aposs golf in Australia. Every club that responded was entered into the draw to win $1000 of Srixon gear and we are pleased to announce the winner… Clifton Golf Club in Queensland. Situated 11km west of Clifton, the club has been around since 1954 and like most golf clubs, has evolved considerably over time with the addition of grass greens and a considerable course layout reconfiguration by golf architect Ross Watson. Bermuda 328 was used on all the greens with Kikuyu on the surrounds and most of the tees. After years of playing at Clifton, members still have difficulty reading the subtleties of its greens, a tribute to their designer and the volunteers who built them. Keeping the 328 and the Kikuyu apart is always a challenge. The greens drain perfectly after thirty years and you can still push a screw driver into the greens with ease despite the use of hard slightly salty water all this time. The current Management Committee is working on advice to improve the novelty of the course without losing Watson&aposs original design. This is being done by repositioning some of the tees on the second nine to new and challenging positions. In 2007 the irrigation system was upgraded using a Commonwealth Water Grant and expansion of the water delivery system is envisaged for next year. Clifton is not a long course but it rewards straight hitters. Many low markers have come to grief in an attempt to &aposrip up&apos the course record. It is a great little country course with the best greens west of the range – a credit to its designer, its volunteers and its friendly members. The ASC Women&aposs Golf review consisted of four phases including an online survey, interview and consultation meetings with key stakeholders, a discussion workshop of selected key stakeholders and presentation of the final report and recommendations to Golf Australia to identify opportunities for further growth and development. Nick Green, Manager of Game and Industry Development at Golf Australia said, “The independent survey will have provided the Australian Sports Commission with invaluable data that we can use to help shape the future of the game. “The ASC will present their findings to Golf Australia and we will then be able to use these facts and figures to implement programs and initiatives to create more opportunities for women to become involved in the game.”