Date: August 09, 2007

Aussie duo off to Thailand

Well the day has finally come! Thursday the 9th of August: for many in the world it will go remembered as the day that NASA sent its 22nd rocket to space, but for Golf Australia, and more precisely Stacey and Julia, it will go go down as the day we fly to Bangkok to represent Australia at the World University Games. Currently we are waiting for our flight to be called as it has been delayed a couple of hours, but apart from that everything seems to be going smoothy. The Games officially opened two days ago, but the swimming and the golfing will start in four days time. This gives us time to acclimatise to the weather and have a good look at the course. The field is very strong with tough competition from the US, New Zealand and Europe… but we are up for the challenge! We will be sure to keep you posted on our progress. Stace and Julz