Date: August 04, 2017
Author: Mark Hayes

Aussie trio earn Cup nod

Three young Australians have been confirmed as starters in the inaugural Junior Presidents Cup.

All bar two of the 24-strong field were announced today for the 25-26 September matches to be held in New Jersey as the forerunner to the Presidents Cup.

Red-hot Victorian Karl Vilips was the second picked on the International team, behind Indian sensation Rayhan Thomas based on the world amateur golf rankings criteria.

Western Australia's Fred Lee will also be part of the team, the third picked via the rankings, while Canberra's Josh Armstrong was No.9.

The International team is global with three South Africans, two Thais, and a player from Indonesia, India, China and Japan joining the Aussies.

US Junior Boys' champion Noah Goodwin is among the 11 players qualified for the American team, which is based on AJGA rankings.

The final member of each team will be announced in conjunction with the Presidents Cup captain’s selections on Sept. 6.


The teams so far:



Rayhan Thomas, India

Karl Vilips, Australia

Fred Lee, Australia

Garrick Higgo, South Africa

Sean Maruyama, Japan

Atiruj Winaicharoenchai, Thailand

Christo Lamprecht, South Africa

Naraajie Emerald Ramadhan, Indonesia

Joshua Armstrong, Australia

Wocheng Ye, China

Luca Filippi, South Africa



Noah Goodwin

Trent Phillips

William Mouw

Garrett Barber

Cole Hammer

Prescott Butler

Canon Claycomb

Turner Hosch

Joe Highsmith

Eugene Hong

Jacob Bridgeman