Date: October 20, 2016
Author: Golf Australia

Aussies compete strongly at Speedgolf worlds


• The Speedgolf world championships this year were played at Chicago's Glen Golf Club
• This is the third year Australia has been represented
• Outside of the USA, Australia was the most represented country with four players
• Aust players fully funded their own trip
• Team support – Mizuno provided running shoes, Vision Golf Balls provided balls & gloves & Evo
• Sportsware provided performance track pants
• Australian Speedgolf Open will be played 11 March 2017 at Yarra Bend Golf
• Gretchen Johnson who defended her title as world #1 female has signalled her desire to play in the Aussie event. Gretchen shot 72 (par) in 57mins
• The elite male winner was an amateur & under new USGA rules was able to have the 10,000USD winnings donated to the charity of his choice (rather than it going to the first place pro)
• Playing distance was 5543m
• Running distance was approximately 7.4km


Daniel & Troy played as amateurs in the elite division over two days (36 holes)

Daniel Baldacchino (AM) (NSW) Long Reef Golf Club. GA handicap 2.

Day 1 – 83 strokes; 52mins (135)
Day 2 – 85 strokes; 54mins (138)

Virginia Deigan (Founder & Director, Footgolf Australia): "Daniel is very new to Speedgolf, so to step straight into a major Speedgolf event at the elite level & to perform as he did was absolutely incredible & very exciting to watch"

Daniel's thoughts: "Running is my thing, but I also love golf, so it's a perfect combination for me. Competing in the elite field at the world champs was sick! I've never experienced a sporting event like it! It was fun to be part of an Australian team, even though we were playing as individuals & there were no team prizes. We all stuck together and supported each other".

Troy Levier (AM) (ACT)

Belconnen Magpies Golf Club. GA handicap 9

Day 1 – 84 strokes; 54mins
Day 2 – 91 strokes; 56mins

Virginia Deigan: Troy had the opportunity to step up to the elite division this year, after playing as an age-grouper last year. It's a big step & he took it on with a lot of courage. Troy plays with a lot of passion so he's a great one to follow around on the course".

Troy's thoughts: "I felt really comfortable out there because of my experience from last year on this same course. Half the battle is knowing the course, not just in terms of course management for the golf, but also knowing your way around. You can waste a lot of time if you take a wrong turn between holes".

Anyone interested in playing Speedgolf in the ACT can contact Troy directly


Roddy played in the men's 40-54 years age-group division day 1 (18 holes).

Roddy Main – Pennant Hills Golf Club NSW. GA handicap 12.

Day 1 – 97 strokes; 67mins

Virginia Deigan: "Roddy made his debut at the Australian Speedgolf open last year & has not stopped being a champion for the sport since. He had a tough tee time being middle of the day, it was pretty warm out there & the wind was really picking up, but as always he came in with a big smile & I'm very proud of him”

Roddy's thoughts: "I knew I was coming here as an age-group player so I didn't put too much pressure on myself. I just wanted to see how I would go against the best in the world. The great thing about this event is everyone is tested the same – I got to play from the same tees as the worlds best so I was able to get a real measure on how I compared to them in the golf & the run". "The atmosphere at the event was magical. There was a genuine desire by players of all levels to support each other. I run a monthly Speedgolf league in Sydney so I was able to get some good ideas on how to improve our events".


Carol played in the women's division – day 1 (18 holes)

Carole Whitehouse – Pennant Hills Golf Club NSW. GA handicap 14

Day 1 – 101 strokes; 88mins

Virginia Deigan: "Carole plays in the Pennant Hills Golf  Club monthly 9 hole Speedgolf league. The world championships hasn't been able to attract many female players to date, but I am hoping that Carole's participation this year will encourage other women to take up the sport. It was a real thrill when Gretchen Johnson (world #1 female speedgolfer) turned up on the first tee to support Carole for her tee off. It was an example of the amazing  comradery that we see at Speedgolf events".

Carole's thoughts: “When Speedgolf Australia offered me a place on the team for the world championships my first thought was I don't think I'd be capable! But then I thought, well, how often do you get to represent Australia at a world sporting championship? So I took it on and I can't tell you how great it's been. The comradery among the players was simply heart-warming. I felt very welcome by players of all levels". I will never forget this experience".