Date: May 12, 2007

Aussies finish strong but Great Britain wins trophy

By Alistair Hogg Australia has finished strongly to win their final match against Trans Tasman rivals New Zealand but lost the trophy as Great Britain won the Commonwealth Tournament for the first time since 1991. The Aussies went into the event having won the title the last three occasions but early losses to Britain and Canada left the girls with an uphill battle to hold on to the silverware. Australia&aposs victory against the Kiwis on the final day catapulted them into second place on the table with two wins and 16 1/2 points, two points clear of South Africa who claimed third after trouncing Great Britain on the final day. The hosts went out to make a statement and certainly succeeded with a resounding 5 1/2 to 1 1/2 win over the champions. After the morning foursomes were split the South Africans took charge, winning four of the five singles matches and halving the other. It was a good way to finish an otherwise disappointing campaign from the hosts. Australia was in much the same position and finished on a positive note against New Zealand. After also splitting the opening foursomes matches the Aussies won four of the singles matches to complete an overwhelming victory over their rivals. Frances Bondad of New South Wales won both of her matches and Sunny Park, who claimed her maiden international win yesterday seemed to like it so much that she did it again, beating Larissa Eruera 3/2. Victorian Emma Bennett was once again a solid contributor for her country defeating Tammy Clelland 5/3 while the combination of Bondad and Helen Oh got the Aussies off to a racing start with a 6/4 win in the foursomes. Day Five results Australia 5 d. New Zealand 2 Foursomes Frances Bondad/Helen Oh (AUS) d. Tammy Clelland/Penny Smith (NZL) 6/4 Da Som Lee/Yeon Song Kim (NZL) d. Emma Bennett/Stephanie Na (AUS) 1up Singles Sunny Park (AUS) d. Larissa Eruera (NZL) 3/2 Stephanie Na (AUS) d. Penny Smith (NZL) 4/2 Yeon Song Kim (NZL) d. Helen Oh (AUS) 5/3 Frances Bondad (AUS) d. Da Som Lee (NZL) 1up Emma Bennett (AUS) d. Tammy Clelland (NZL) 5/3 South Africa 5 1/2 d. Great Britain 1 1/2 Foursomes Kerry Smith/Naomi Edwards (ENG) d. Kelli Shean/Iliska Verwey (SAF) 1up Gina Switala/Ashleigh Simon (SAF) d. Breanne Loucks/Melissa Reid (ENG) 1up Singles Bertine Strauss (SAF) d. Breanne Loucks (ENG) 3/2 Gina Switala (SAF) d. Krystle Caithness (ENG) 1up Iliska Verwey (SAF) d. Naomi Edwards (ENG) 2/1 Kelli Shean (SAF) AS Kerry Smith (ENG) Ashleigh Simon (SAF) d. Melissa Reid (ENG) 2/1 Final Table Great Britain 3 (19 pts) Australia 2 (16 1/2) South Africa 2 (14 1/2) Canada 2 (10 1/2) New Zealand 1 (9 1/2)