Date: June 13, 2017
Author: Mark Hayes

Aussies soak in worldy experience

There's so much more to playing on the world stage than simply golf courses and hotels.

Coach Dean Kinney promised Australia's Toyota World Junior Championship team a life experience – and the Japanese hosts are certainly delivering.

Along with fellow coach Lisa Newling, Kinney took Queenslander Isabelle Taylor and New South Wales pair Grace Kim and Steph Kyriacou away on Friday.

From Saturday on near Nagoya, between the practice sessions, the young trio has been soaking up the local traditions as much as possible in the lead-up to today's opening round.

With young hosts as their guides, the Aussies attended a local junior high school and were treated to an exhibition of Japanese martial arts.

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Kendo, archery and Japanese dance were part of a tradition that exposed the youngsters to a whole new culture – and they eagerly joined in the action when invited.

"They really enjoyed the experience of meeting new friends," Kinney said.

Naturally, the young women were back on course in the afternoon, then again on Sunday before being part of the sponsors' day requirements.

A big couple of days of practice followed before last night's opening ceremony.

Play begins today at the Chukyo Golf Club's Ishino Course.

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