Date: November 24, 2007
Author: Bren O'Brien at Huntingdale

Beaming Summers shines at Huntingdale

Anthony Summers knows he is neither a household name nor a fresh-faced rookie, but he&aposs just happy to be at Huntingdale this week especially after firing a third-round 67 to sit at six-under going into the final round on Sunday. Summers has a manner befitting his name, with his sunny disposition helping him through a career that has seen its fair share of peaks and troughs. The Sydneysider enjoys going out and hitting the ball around the course every day, and while it has not always been the dream ride, he&aposs happy to have his ticket for the rollercoaster that is professional golf. “I love what I do. It is great fun, I hope I showed out there today to the people watching that I was really enjoying it. I don&apost make a great living but I make an okay living and have a great time doing it,” he said. His journey over recent years has seen him qualify for the Asian Tour, but just miss out on retaining his tour card. A back injury last year had the usually-positive Summers contemplating a career change. “About this time last year I had an MRI and they said I had a protruding disc at C5 and C6. I was struggling to walk some days. I have a fantastic support crew at home. I have a great sponsor who is supportive, a fantastic family unit and I started working with a personal trainer this year,” he said. The recovery process has been close to 12 months as he remodelled his swing to reduce the impact on his body. He also put his career on hold earlier in this year after his father become sick. “My coach has been fantastic. He contacted just about everybody he could talk to in regard to making some technique changes and finding out where the weak points were in my physique. We&aposve had to make a few changes and that took a bit of time to do, thus less travel,” he said. In recent years, he has taken up some outside work helping out with corporate golf days with a friend as a means of supplementing his income. Three years ago he hit a peak in his form, finishing fifth in the Crowne Plaza tournament in Shanghai and then going into the 72nd hole of the 2004 New South Wales Open tied with eventual winner Peter Lonard. He admits he let his nerves get the better of him down the final hole and he finished second. The final hole nerves cropped up again on Saturday. Poised for a 66 after an excellent birdie on 17, he knew he was in a strong position. “I was trying not to look at the leaderboard too much. It is a distraction that I can probably do without,” he said. “I was a bit nervous on the last tee. I got a little ahead of myself. And I was very nervous on the last green with a slippery first putt and a pretty ordinary second one.” Much has been made of the players that aren&apost at Huntingdale this week, but the absence of people like Adam Scott and Geoff Ogilvy does have a flip side, with battlers like Summers and Justin Maker (who aced the 12th on Friday) getting their chance to shine.